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Nokia XL is the largest phone in the phone series that comes to us from Nokia, and whose models run on the Android operating system. The Nokia XL is a model that is positioned below the Lumia 630 model and that comes with decent hardware features and an affordable price. Still, the question is, is that enough to make the Nokia XL jump out of the sea of ​​devices like this? We will try to ask that question in the following lines, which we think will be interesting because the combination of flexible Android and Nokia’s durability is always an interesting topic.

Nokia XL design
Nokia Xl 1

This is a 5-inch phone and by the nature of things one would expect it to be a large model. Here, the situation is somewhat more pronounced in that regard, because there are large areas of plastic next to the screen, so the phone looks bigger than the competition. The Nokia XL is somehow a chubby and square phone to which comfort and convenience are not the strongest sides.

The phone features sharp edges and a slight tilt on the back, which we assume was intentionally left to make the phone slip out of your hands less. The phone itself has an unforgivably large thickness of 10.9mm, which, in itself, does not bring easier grip.

Nokia Xl 3

There is a manufacturer’s logo on both sides, and under the screen there is a unique button without backlight, so it is difficult to find it in the dark. The home key is on the right, where the volume key is located. Both are very good and respond well to touch. On the back, in addition to the camera with LED flash, there is also a speaker at the bottom of the surface.

All in all, the Nokia XL is a likable but also a bit awkwardly designed phone. If you don’t mind, then you can go over this, and there are certainly fans of square phone shapes, so the Nokia XL definitely has its target group.

Nokia XL Android
Nokia Xl 3.jpg4

Like its younger brother Nokia X, the Nokia XL runs on a revised version 4.2 of the Jelly Bean Android OS. As in the mentioned case, there is no Google Play option here, which has been replaced by the Nokia Store, where you can still find a sufficient number of applications. There are the most important applications for social networks, but also a lot of games and entertainment applications.

Nokia Xl 5

In addition, Nokia XL also offers a lot of Microsoft and Nokia content, such as Here Maps, One Drive and the like, which reduces the dependence on Google applications that Android OS users are used to.

In visual terms, the strong influence of the Windows Phone philosophy is still felt, especially on the home screen, but with the ability to add a widget as desired. For faster work and easier navigation in the content you use the most, there is Fastline, where all recently used applications, messages and
calls are stored .

Nokia XL display, specifications and performance
In terms of equipment, the Nokia XL is not exactly a commendable example, as similarly priced devices offer more. Let’s start with the screen. With 5 inches and a resolution of 480 × 800 pixels, the Nokia XL is on par with the Nokia X and Lumia 520 models. The problem here is not only the resolution, but also the size of the diagonal, so the pixels are stretched to a large 5 inches. The pixels are pronounced and can be easily spotted.

The driving force is the Snapdragon S4 Play processor with a speed of 1GHz, which in combination with 786MB of RAM is not enough to withstand demanding applications. Namely, it often happens that due to the lack of RAM memory, some applications cancel the obedience and close themselves. This is, however, the case with some more demanding applications, and the usual ones, such as Facebook and WhatsApp, work quite well.

If nothing else, then the battery is ok here. With 2,000mAh, you can push through the whole day with fairly free use, which includes calls and watching videos with surfing the net. If you are already planning to listen to music in the company, you should know that the speaker will not delight you, but it will definitely serve as needed.

Nokia XL camera
Nokia has opted for a 5MP camera with LED flash. In general, this is now a trend in the lower-end models, where the Nokia XL has its place. Pictures are ok. The camera hits colors and gives good contrast, even when shooting some dark areas. The Nokia XL also has a 2MP front camera, which is quite enough for selfies (if you are interested).

Nokia XL Conclusion
Nokia Xl 2

This is the best you’ll find in the Nokia X series of Android phones. There is nothing disputable here. However, if we know that for this price (which is really acceptable) you can find phones that have more power, it is clear that this phone lacks more “cubic”. On the other hand, this phone is the result of an unusual combination and a slightly different design, so if you like to be out of the ordinary clichés, here are your chances. However, if you want to get more quality for your money, the possibilities are numerous. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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