HTC One VS Samsung Galaxy S4 Comparison

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HTC One VS Samsung Galaxy S4 Comparison

In this article, I give you the HTC One VS Samsung Galaxy S4 Comparison. The boundaries and boundaries of the “pain field” in the smartphone market have changed significantly with the advent of two new high-end devices. These are HTC and Samsung models, and customers who are on the verge of buying their new high end mobile device have certainly wondered HTC One or Galaxy S4?

Since these are two models that (realistically) not many users have had the opportunity to hold in their hands at all, we are only sharing the experiences of the lucky ones who are, because we get a lot of questions related to these models!

Hardware Comparison

People who are considering the choice of HTC One or Galaxy S4 should keep in mind that these two models are two extremes of the production spectrum. The body of the HTC One model is almost entirely made of metal (aluminum).

Samsung, on the other hand, made its new high-end device from plastic (polycarbonate as they would call it), and this is the same material that was used in their previous devices. Both models have their advantages. HTC looks more futuristic, the metal construction gives it this feeling.

The Galaxy S4 isn’t as slim and sleek with its design as the compared model (and has even lost a bit of the roundness of the S3) but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look exceptional anyway. It is almost identical in size to the S3, so holding this model in your hands is somehow a familiar feeling.

At first glance, these two models are quite similar.
There is no end in sight to the phone user’s discussion about whether a metal or plastic case is better, as we have mentioned that both models have their advantages over the other. with the S4 model “rested” with the design. All in all, there is no bad choice, potential buyers should try both before the final decision.

When the displays are compared, recognition must be given to both manufacturers because both displays are really impressive! LCD vs Super AMOLED, both with 1080p. When it comes to giving some more serious assessment to the hardware functionality and performance of these phones, it is clear that it takes a little more time.

Although, both models have more or less the same interior “under the hood”. in fact it all depends on the market for which the model is intended, some versions of the S4 model will be Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 600 processor (same as the HTC One) and some will be equipped with Samsung’s new Exynos 5 processor which will definitely dominate the market with its 8 nuclei. Even the software that is now on the Galaxy S4 can be characterized as quite “pre-production” and not perfect compared to that of the HTC One.

Metal vs aluminum case, the question is now. It is also worth mentioning that the Galaxy S4 has a (user) replaceable battery and an expandable memory compared to the compared model. If these are important options for your phone, they may also prevail when choosing.

Software Comparison

If we were to describe HTC’s and Samsung’s software philosophy in one sentence, it would read something like this: HTC puts the emphasis on design, while Samsung tended to “pack” the phone with various applications. There is an obvious improvement in Samsung’s Touchwiz user interface, which seems more intuitive and more accessible to the average user compared to some previous versions. But for a more detailed assessment, it will still take some time to use it.

Both models are incredibly sleek and slim!
HTC’s trump cards are reflected in the camera software (with its Ultra pixels), Boomsound option that provides excellent performance by combining front stereo speakers, Beats Audio, and BlinkFeed (an option that brings you news from social networks on display). These options will definitely be marketing trump cards of HTC. Samsung definitely doesn’t have such marketing sounding app names, but it does have an amazingly large number of exceptional apps (we suggest reading Samsung’s official announcement for a complete list of available apps).

These two companies are practically trying to do the same thing, and that is to “make life and everyday life as easy as possible for the average user” with the help of their devices. One must be added here, but it is in Samsung’s favor, because this company is far ahead of HTC with its applications, but also many other companies when it comes to interesting and useful integrated applications. Samsung S4 is called “Life companion”, which in free translation would mean a life companion. This says a lot about the model itself doesn’t it?


I believe that this presentation or the comparison should not get its “winner” on this occasion. The fact is that both camps have their supporters, and we consider that great. According to the information available to us for now, these are two exceptional Android devices, but we will not make premature conclusions until both models become available for free sale, and until the users of these devices “feel” the devices themselves.

User experiences give us very useful and important pieces of the puzzle that help us put together and see a very clear picture of any device in question. If someone asks a question about HTC One or Galaxy S4, apparently, you can’t go wrong with either of them.

Both have their “therefore”. I Metal housing and plastic housing. Both TouchWiz and Sense user interface. And a fantastic camera with a lot of great performance and a fantastic camera with a lot of great performance. Watch the video in which the creators of these models presented their new trump cards!

All in all, this is not going to be an easy decision! What do you think about this? HTC One or Galaxy S4? is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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