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Owners of a great internet tablet HTC Flyer can finally rejoice, but just like that – from the heart! HTC finally managed to optimize and fix Honeycomb Android OS in the v3.2 edition for this tablet.

From now on, Flyer will be able to “upgrade” across Europe with a new version of the software, which will bring it numerous advantages over the previous version 2.3.3 on which it worked.

You can read more about Android OS versions in our text on the evolution of Android, and until the OTA, ie Over The Air Android update reaches you, save a stable and high-quality Wi-Fi network, which the manufacturer advises as to the best choice for upgrading.

Of course, you can also update the HTC Flyer system via your computer, but in that case, you need to have HTC’s Suite sync program installed. The update weighs a good 210 MB, you know.

Like all Android upgrades, the HTC Flyer update will be delivered in stages, so the French and Dutch are among the privileged, who will be the first to get Honeycomb 3.2, while the rest of the world will wait a bit, but everyone will get it in the next few weeks.

The interesting thing about the HTC Flyer update is that it appeared on users’ devices on its own, without an official announcement from the manufacturer. HTC confirmed the delivery of the update only yesterday, on its Facebook profile.

By the way, another interesting thing is that for now the Honeycomb update is mentioned for the 32 GB Flyer versions with Wi-Fi and 3G connection, while the 16 GB tablet versions are not mentioned. At least not yet. I guess it won’t hang out for Honeycomb – it would be a big step backward for HTC, but we’ll see. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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