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Traveling is one of the best things we have in life. Creating beautiful and not-so-great memories and sharing all these new experiences with our loved ones is, in fact, the essence of enjoying life. The progress of the industry, the acceleration of the pace of life, and the improvement of the standard of living, also allowed a man of a more modest income to experience all those wonderful, distant landscapes and get to know cultures much differently from his own.

One such shortcut to good experiences was brought to us by the portal – where we easily meet companies that will allow us to fly on our wings for little money, or satisfy our curiosity about the world of airplanes and air travel. In this text, you will meet some of the most famous companies that, for a small fee, safely and comfortably transport passengers to all parts of the world.

What are the world’s best “cheap” airlines?

There are dozens of low-cost companies around the world that try to attract passengers on their flights with various benefits. From trying to increase the number of passengers with a low ticket price or a symbolic fee for the transfer of luggage, all the way to improving the quality of meals offered to passengers for refreshments. Nevertheless, the primacy in the world was set by the three most visited and most helpful low-cost companies.

Malaysian Air Asia

For ten years, passengers who are lucky enough to travel with this company have only words of praise for the overall experience and kindness of the cabin crew. Thus, for almost a decade, Air Asia has been at the top of all the lists of the most serviceable low-budget airlines. The headquarters of this company is located in Kuala Lumpur, and it has been in business for 24 years, and with its 92 planes, it cruises the world sky.

Norwegian Air

Since 1993, it has been the third-largest low-cost company in Europe, the sixth in the world, and the first in Norway. For four years in a row, Norwegian has been officially named the best low-cost company in Europe. In addition to flights that take place within the Scandinavian countries and Finland, Norwegian is connected with America, Europe, the Middle East, Argentina, Singapore…

The company currently owns 51 planes and Norwegian boasts humanitarian work for UNICEF .

British Easy Jet

Easy Jet is a British low-cost company based in London (Luton Airport) that has been operating and ruling the skies of Europe for 24 years and flies to over 800 destinations with 230 aircraft. Easy Jet is by far the most beloved and best low-cost company among Europeans. Passengers point out, in addition to cheap tickets, the helpfulness of cabin staff. The cabins are not otherwise divided into classes. With Easy Jet you can fly from Belgrade to Berlin, Basel, and Geneva.

Which companies fly cheaply from Serbia?

In addition to the already mentioned Easy Jet, which transports passengers from Belgrade, there are two other companies that operate in our country. Nis also boasts good connections with Basel, Milan, Dortmund, Bratislava, Malmö, Zurich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Stockholm, Memmingen, but also a very affordable transport offer for passengers, ranging from 5 to 40 euros for the price of one ticket.

Irish Ryan Air

From the airport of Constantine the Great in Nis, we are cheaply transported by an Irish low-cost airline, which is a short time won the hearts and wallets of many passengers in Europe, and then in Serbia. It stands out at convincingly the most favorable ticket prices in relation to the competition (from 5 euros), but visibly with better quality service on the plane in relation to other low-cost competitors.

Hungarian Wizz Air

This is a Hungarian low-cost airline with main bases in Hungary and Poland. It declares itself as the largest low-cost company in Central and Eastern Europe. Flights with this company can be booked in Serbia from Nis or Belgrade, and if you are in the region, you can also book a flight from Tuzla or Skopje.

Their very motto “We can all fly now” – speaks of the availability of many destinations to people who can not spend hundreds of euros on transportation. Now we can all fly to over 140 destinations in the world.

Some low-cost airlines are available to us at all times. Some periodically depending on the season, season, or some other benefits and needs. Some do not fly from Serbia, but they fly from the surrounding area. Always inquire well about the surcharge and the size of the allowed luggage, and never forget the insurance fee. Let’s travel easily and cheaply, but always be responsible to ourselves and others. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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