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Quality flooring is the basis of a comfortable, beautiful and modern ambiance, whether it is a private or business environment in which you live. Manufacturers offer a whole range of different floors, but the question arises as to which model really meets the aesthetic and practical criteria that dictate the needs of modern living and working space.

Laminate and parquet appear as potentially good solutions, but what is the real difference, and what are the tendencies of the flooring industry lately? Read more below about the highest quality types of floors on the market, and potential flaws that you should consider when choosing.

Laminate – what properties must such a floor covering have?

Laminate is one of the most popular floor coverings, whether it is offices, catering facilities, school classrooms, living rooms, or other similar rooms. It is a modern and elegant floor, which mostly consists of wood, and thus the best properties of wood, which are always welcome in floors.

Compared to parquet and other types of floors, a good choice of laminate can be a more affordable option that does not go to the detriment of the quality, durability, and aesthetic appearance of the floor, and accordingly, is the most sought after.

Laminate manufacturers are trying day by day to modernize this floor covering and make it more practical and beautiful, so the most advanced among them have included the following properties of laminate among the key to the longevity and true quality of this floor covering.

1 Appropriate laminate resistance class

When choosing a laminate, it is important to take into account its resistance class, which tells us how much load this floor covering can withstand and for which type of space it is suitable. The resistance of the floor to shocks, stains, cigarette embers, and abrasion is very important for any environment, and its strength is measured according to the standards of Abrasion Class / AC Rating (AC1, AC2…).

For example, class 31 / AC3 is suitable for bedrooms, while class 32 / AC4 would suit the kitchen, dining room, and living room in relation to the load that their floors suffer. The same could be applied to offices, while cafes, boutiques, and restaurants require a slightly higher class, which in this case is 33 / AC5. Resistance classes 32 / AC4 and 33 / AC5 have proven to be the most efficient and long-lasting, so the focus of the best floor covering manufacturers is exclusively on them.

2 Antistatic laminate for greater safety of the floor covering

Safety is a property of laminate implies the level of its “electricity”, ie the fact that laminate is not always a good conductor of static electricity, so instead of neutralizing it, it creates it. If you notice electricity when you touch a computer, washing machine, or similar device, you can attribute the responsibility to the laminate.

Therefore, a specially made antistatic laminate is recommended, to the composition of which small carbon particles are added during production. These particles are very conductive, so there is no electricity or any inconvenience associated with them. Antistatic laminate is especially important for rooms where there are computers, music equipment, machines, and electrical devices in general.

3 Laminate structure – laminate as a solid wood

One of the biggest advantages of laminate is its sophisticated appearance, so this floor covering is often reminiscent of solid wood and a powerful ship floor that goes well with modern trends in architecture. In order to achieve this effect of laminate, it is necessary to pay attention to its structure, which dominantly determines the appearance of the floor and gives a strong effect to the entire room.

Different laminate structures feel best under your fingers, so if you run your hand over several different models, or look at them from different angles, you will notice certain nuances among the fine structures. While the structure of laminate was once universal, the flooring industry has adapted to modern tendencies and included in its offer a number of different structures of this floor covering.

Accordingly, the offer includes brushed laminate, rustic oak, chrome-plated pores, natural matt coating, fine pores, wood grain, wood texture, and many other structures. Depending on which structure you choose for your space, you can get a laminate that looks almost identical to solid wood.

Why is laminate not always a good solution?

Laminate meets a large number of requirements of modern and practical space, but a poor choice of laminate can also be associated with health, so it is always important to choose only the highest quality type of this floor covering.

In addition to the aforementioned electricity problem, trouble can occur when the laminate you choose contains high levels of formaldehyde, which usually means that you have opted for a low-quality laminate.

It is a colorless substance with a sharp smell, which causes irritation of the respiratory tract, irritating the mucous membranes and eyes. Too frequent inhalation of a large amount of this substance in the laminate can lead to more serious health problems in the form of cancer, so buying and choosing a laminate is really a serious and responsible task for the one who chooses it. This is another proof that quality, not the price of laminate, should come first.

Composite parquet – new generation parquet

Although laminate is one of the most popular options for floors, it should be noted that this floor covering does not satisfy all preferences. Some users prefer parquet made of quality oak or beech because of the rich wood, while others opt for laminate because of the more affordable price, but also easier installation and greater choice of patterns.

However, the modern floor industry has found a compromise solution that is really worth investing in, and it is a composite parquet Grand Selection Origin.

Grand Selection Origin – the answer to all the shortcomings of other floors

Grand Selection Origin composite parquet is a new generation floor, which combines all the positive characteristics of parquet and laminate into one, unique substrate. It was created as a result of striving to overcome all the shortcomings of parquet, laminate, and decking.

Composite parquet made of wood and natural materials that are more resistant than parquet and solid wood, and at the same time easier to install and maintain (primarily due to 5G connection technology). Affordability is one of the main advantages of composite parquet, which has surpassed all previous floor models

This innovative solution comes from the Swiss factory Swiss Krono in Lucerne, which has received awards and recognitions from experts in this field for this phenomenal product. The finely worked relief structures of the wood provide a very pleasant feeling on the fingers, and the length of the floor clearly shows all the details and rings.

Much more resistant solution than other floors

Unlike laminate, which can be a poor conductor of static electricity, composite parquet does not know this problem, and it is also much more resistant to shocks and scratches compared to parquet and laminate. The percentage of swelling of the board from moisture is almost negligible, which is why this floor is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

The visual experience is completely harmonious and pleasant, and the room with composite parquet looks more elegant, expensive, and modern. Composite parquet is suitable for underfloor heating, and slipping and tripping on its finely made surface is completely prevented.

Floors are the dominant part of every room, so their quality and practicality should be a priority when buying. In addition, of course, the aesthetic experience of the floor is extremely important, which can completely change the look of the space and give it an elegant and shiny note. Therefore, you should carefully consider everything that the modern flooring industry offers, and make the best possible choice for your room! is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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