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You’ve probably heard of the Google Maps service before, and you’ve probably used it on some occasions. It’s great as a pocket map that’s always on your phone, and it offers a bunch of extra features. What we want to show you today is what this service can do and how powerful Google Maps really is, or more precisely, we will answer one very simple question – what can Google Maps do?

Basic functions of the Google Maps service

But surely you know that the basic function of Google Maps service that you display the folder area and help to get from point A to point B. This is not the end of the story about the basic functions, it is just the beginning. Since you can also use the service on your mobile phone, you have the opportunity to see your location at the moment and get instructions on how to get somewhere. Whether you are walking, cycling, or driving a car, the service will give you relevant information and point you in the right direction.

One of the favorite options of Google Maps is ” Street View “, ie the ability to see any place on the map in a 3D image. It’s a pretty cool feeling when you mark a place on the map you want to see up close with the help of a little yellow man, and then walk through the streets of New York, Berlin, or Paris, and you can simply visit your neighborhood because most cities in Serbia are covered by this option.

If you are a fan of global geography, there is a Google Earth service that will allow you to see maps of the world and take a closer look at any part of our planet. In addition to Google Earth services, there is also Google Moon and Google Mars , so here are great opportunities for you to see what astronomers have been watching for years and walk through the surface of the Moon and Mars.

Additional Google Maps service options

In addition to these obvious options that you must have used, Google Maps has a bunch of “hidden” options that we use less often, and they can be very practical. Here are some of the additional Google Maps options you can use:

  • Find out which alternative routes you can use to get to your destination. This option can be especially useful when you know that there are traffic jams in certain places in the city or when works are taking place on a section of the road.
  • Find your way in large public buildings such as airports, museums, stadiums. This option is still limited to world capitals, so it will be some time before maps of large buildings in Serbia become available, but it is certainly good to know that you can use this option when you are abroad.
  • Google Maps can be a great assistant on public transportation and help you find the line you need. Again, this is another option that doesn’t work with us at the moment, but here you will surely be able to easily read or ask which exact line you need. Imagine you are in Budapest and you have this problem. Google Maps can certainly help here.
  • Mark your favorite places on the map and share them with friends. Google Maps lets you make a list of your favorite places in the city, and only you can use that list or share it with your friends. So you can make a list of your favorite cafes, restaurants, and places to visit in Novi Sad, so the next time someone who is not from here comes to visit you, you will be ready in advance to show him all the beauties of your city.
  • Use Google Maps on your website. You have probably already seen that on some business sites, in the part where the address is entered, there is a map that shows where the exact location of the office of that company is. You can also have such a map on your site with the help of Google Maps. Your developer will already know how to do this, so feel free to ask that you have this option as well.
  • Plan your trips in detail, especially if they include stops and accommodation. Since the whole world is mapped you can now work out a route plan down to the smallest detail. Decide in advance where you will take a break and choose the most interesting places for excursions. You can mark them all on a road map, so Google Maps can take you where you need to go with its navigation.
  • Find out what your exact geographical coordinates are or find coordinates for any place on the planet. This option can be used when traveling for winter or summer vacations, and the place you went to is not on the map (believe it or not, this is not a rare case in Greek resorts where there are a lot of tourists from Serbia). You can then enter these coordinates into your navigation system or simply use Google Maps to take you there.
  • Google Maps also works offline. All you have to do is download the maps you need to your phone and they will work the same as when you are online. This option is extremely useful when traveling, and all you need to do to make it available to you is a little preparation in advance.

And this is still not all that Google Maps can provide you. These are just the options that were most interesting to us, and you are free to play with this tool and you will surely find something that you did not know was possible, and it is very useful and interesting for you. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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