Experience with Balkan Fun holidays for young people

Under the pressure of exam deadlines and other obligations, all I needed for July 2018 was a dynamic trip on which I would “recharge my batteries” for the next exams and everything that comes with them. As party trips have become incredibly popular in Serbia and have conquered all the younger generations, such a summer vacation quickly became part of my plan, which I successfully realized just when the temperatures in Belgrade became unbearable. Balkan Fun offered a phenomenal arrangement for Lefkada , and it was up to me to pack my suitcase and head to, as it turned out, the best vacation I’ve ever experienced.

Lemonade on the beach by the sea

Lefkada – a magical island of beautiful beaches and good fun
Already on the basis of promotional flyers distributed by the Balkan Fun travel agency , it could be assumed that this is an interesting destination that can offer a lot. However, as each flyer tells the same story, I only superficially read its contents and suggested to a friend that Lefkada be our next destination.

The first thing that thrilled us were the beauties of the island that we visited thanks to numerous excursions organized by the travel agency. The island is dominated by sandy beaches, which in my case was a big plus for this destination, which I visited for the first time. Their quality is further evidenced by the Blue Flags , which are the best confirmation of the quality of sand, water and the entire offer on these beaches.

As we explored the island with a few more people from our large “Lefkada party group”, the time spent in the most beautiful parts of the island got another phenomenal dimension, and that is new people, new acquaintances and a million new stories and experiences.

Ships, parties and music to the rhythm of Lefkada
The concept of party travel included daily parties on the beaches , in open clubs and in fact in all places that allowed any kind of good time. As the parties were part of our plan in advance, we did not miss any opportunity to have a good time with the summer playlist that moved us with incredible speed, as well as all the other people who were in our environment during our ten-day stay in Lefkada.

Personally, I think that boat parties are the best experience when it comes to summer vacations, because the land is not so interesting when you already have the opportunity to sail one of the most beautiful seas in the world. In addition, boating is an ideal opportunity to visit all the hidden coves and beaches that have made Lefkada a very exotic destination for a few hours .

Phenomenal travel organization
Although Lefkada left an incredible impression on all of us who visited it for the first time, it should be fair and it should be noted that the Balkan Fun agency itself is “responsible” for this experience of the destination , which designed a phenomenal travel program that suits everyone. By that I mean that the schedule was very relaxed, so the activities were a fit so that there was room for both actively getting to know Lefkada, and for a short break from all the activities. On the excursions, there was quite enough time to visit all the relevant contents, and the night party always meant great places with a lot of space and extremely correct prices, which cannot always be expected on summer vacations.

The accommodation also met all our expectations, so unlike previous summer vacations, my friend and I did not have any problems with the lack of hot water, shower failure or similar “troubles”. In one conversation we had on the way to the beach, we concluded that such a busy summer vacation with various activities we probably could not plan on our own, because it is difficult to match the experience and expertise of the Balkan Fun team that met us in every way.

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