A Marketing Ploy That Can Help You Create a Strong Brand

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In this article, I give you a marketing ploy that can help you create a strong brand. Creating a brand is a long and complicated process, which requires a lot of time and inexhaustible creativity.

Even this approach to promoting your own product is not a guarantee of success and good results. Not because you may not have invested enough in this story, but because success depends on the target group you are addressing.

The reaction of people is almost crucial for the growth of a brand, and it is up to you “only” to fight for a recognizable identity in the sea of ​​other, perhaps similar brands.

It has never been easier to start your own business, place an idea or invest in a good start-up than nowadays.

Therefore, it has never been harder to express yourself and convince the target group that you are the right choice for them. Here is a useful marketing tip for successful brand creation, which can set you apart from a host of other names.

Determine which category your brand belongs to

A great way to promote any brand is promotional gifts in the form of pencils, caps, blocks, as well as promotional cotton textiles with a prominent company logo or a specific slogan.

However, in addition to these items, you should also pay attention to the long-term marketing strategy that will set you apart from the crowd. Namely, there are many successful brands that, regardless of their diversity, can be divided into two large groups.

The first consists of product- oriented brands, and the second consists of consumer-oriented brands.

Of course, it is important to consider both segments no matter what you do, but for a good marketing strategy, it is important to determine which category you belong to and to develop your approach accordingly.

Nike – consumers in the first place

Nike is an example of a globally popular brand that is aimed at a precisely defined group of consumers. Nike manufactures sports equipment and strives to provide athletes with everything they need to play sports so that any of them can come to a Nike store and equip themselves for training, a match, or recreation from head to toe.

Precisely because it is focused on consumers, Nike strives to expand its range in accordance with the needs of athletes, so in addition to sneakers that were the first and only Nike product, these stores today can offer sweatshirts, caps, jerseys, shorts, sports bags and many other things that athletes cannot do without.

Nike is also a brand that is mentioned in various marketing practices and seminars, as an example of successful and effective marketing that includes its slogan.

Just do it has become synonymous with Nike all over the world, although the slogan itself does not deal with any of its products, but represents a message for consumers – athletes, who in this way are encouraged to be faster, stronger, and better in the sport they play.

The marketing campaign of this brand always includes athletes and strives to improve its offer in order to provide athletes or recreational athletes with a pleasant experience in sports.

Cola Cola – a product for various consumers

Coca Cola is product-oriented, which means that the whole approach to marketing the presentation of your product is based on satisfying one need – thirst. By selling Coca Cola, this brand strives to satisfy the same need of the most diverse consumers, thus creating more types suitable for people of different preferences.

The two-liter Coca-Cola is intended for the family table, while the can of Diet Coca-Cola is ideal for people on the move who take care of the quality of the food they take into the body, while fast-food restaurants, cinemas, and similar places can offer Coca Cola from the fountain for its visitors.

In this way, Coca Cola has become present in all segments of the lives of various consumers, so you can see it at family meals, but also at business meetings, in the hands of passers-by and all those who want to quench their thirst in a very pleasant way.

We believe that it will be easier for you to create your marketing strategy if you determine which category your brand belongs to, and what is the focus of your business.

In any case, consumer commitment should not be to the detriment of product quality and vice versa, although it is very useful to take into account the differences in these approaches and dedicate one that will bring you success.

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