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After deadlines and a busy period at work, I was reconsidering whether to take advantage of the days off around Easter and the first of May and travel somewhere or to throw myself into bed and sleep through everything. But, as spring is the ideal time of year to travel and get to know new cities, cultures, and customs of other nations, in agreement with the society, we decided to go on a https://balkanfun.travel/ trip and embark on an adventure that I claim is not. could have been better in any aspect.

Before the trip to Milan, I did a lot of research and reading about Balkan Fun tours in general and I really only learned positive experiences, which in a way encouraged me, and in some led me to think what if this or that happens to us, what if not be the journey I need may be better to stay home with a bunch of unseen episodes of the series. However, the money has been given, the company is ready and the day has come for me to pack up and go into the unknown. Not to lengthen the introduction too much, let’s go in order.

Travel organization at a high level

What first caught my attention was the great organization and accuracy. This is mostly what annoys me first when it comes to traveling with organized tours. The bus arrived on time, we left at the planned time, the guides are extremely pleasant and they seem to know in advance what someone will ask them, so they answer as if from a cannon. The bus was also more than good, new, clean. We took breaks as needed, and the drivers stopped even when one girl charmingly asked them to stop at her gas station, because she can’t wait for the next break for rest.

I didn’t even feel the trip through Croatia and Slovenia, because the atmosphere in the bus was so good that it didn’t matter to me where we were, or how long we were already traveling, or when we would arrive. Those who wanted to rest could, those who wanted to watch a movie had that opportunity, and even those who wanted to “have fun” had the maximum space for it. So the trip itself went very well to Milan and back.

Milan – the magical city of Italy

I have already been to Italy, but not to Milan. This Italian city leaves you breathless. Although we arrived early in the morning, this city ​​never sleeps, and you could see the busy Italians talking so fast on the streets, that it seems as if they don’t even understand themselves. The city itself is completely magical, which we could see by visiting with a guide. The tours around Milan that the Balkan Fun team takes are great because in a few days you get the impression that you are there for weeks, and you don’t get too tired, which I associate with great weather and climate, and an even better atmosphere in the city. citizens.

I was lucky that on the tour I was with the company, there were mostly young people, my age, so nothing was difficult for us, we all wanted to visit everything, just to drink as much as we could for a short period. Sforza Castle, the amazing Cathedral of Milan, the Scala di Milano, the Vitoria Emanuela Gallery – sights that I had only seen in the picture until then, live to look fascinatingly big and enchanting so much that I almost cried with happiness when I stood in front of Milan Cathedral, in front of an architectural marvel and magic. What is great if you travel on organized tours is a guide that talks about each landmark individually, so you can really hear and learn a lot of interesting things.

Milan Cathedral

My team and I went on all optional farewells guided by the fact that we are here now and who knows if we will ever be again (I want to be sure). In addition to Milan, which is undoubtedly Italy in a nutshell, I had the opportunity to see Genoa, the city that is the largest port in Italy. What I especially liked was the house of Christopher Columbus due to the fact that a man who discovered America lived in it. Here and now I shudder when I just remember standing in the same place as Columbus once did. Optional excursions also included a visit to Lake Como.

What was very attractive to me as a woman is a fact that Milan is really a world fashion center. I think that women in Italy are the most attractive and modern women in the world. Milan is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, so it’s no wonder that it enchanted me so much. Numerous shops and cafes, a lot of young people and the perfect Italian cuisine that I normally prefer to eat, such as pasta in any form, really leave you breathless.

Great accommodation as icing on the cake of the whole trip

As a tour of Milan implies a constant walk, in the evening everyone needed to rest, but we did not miss the opportunity to walk the streets of Milan. The accommodation was really great. We were in a triple room that had its own bathroom. A very clean room with a balcony terrace and a view of a very special Italian city made me feel like I was acting in a famous black and white movie for a moment.

In conclusion, I can only add that I am overjoyed that I decided to travel to Milan that spring. I am already looking at the offers and planning my next trip. I advise everyone, students, employees, unemployed, young, old, boys, girls, to find the time, save (and Milan is really not an expensive city) and embark on an adventure in Milan – the capital of the world, because I guarantee that it will be one of the most beautiful experiences.

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