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In this article, I wrote about a few creative ways to advertise. Advertising and therefore advertising of products and services is a very important type of communication between manufacturers and end-users, in order to inform and inform potential customers about what is offered. Today, mass media such as television, radio, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, posters, movies, and even video games are mostly used for advertising.

Various advertisements (both in our country and everywhere in the world) can be seen on means of transport (trams, buses, cars…), and can also be found at public transport stations and the like. Advertising material is placed where all people can easily see it, and in today’s time of the Internet and the ubiquity of people on social networks, advertising on these channels is the best way for a company to be noticed.

However, in order to single out companies and brands in the sea of ​​the same or similar products, marketing experts come up with a number of creative ideas in order to single out the advertised products and services and catch the eye of potential customers. It is important to be different, original, and striking in order for consumers to choose exactly that advertised product or service.

Small advertising material that has a practical application

In the past, numerous printed materials were distributed for advertising purposes, such as leaflets, brochures, catalogs, and the like, which had no other practical application than propaganda purposes. And then someone cleverly thought of it and decided to promote his brand, company, product, or event on small items that are used every day and have a wide application among people.

Accessories that everyone needs

Every person likes to use accessories to complete their clothing combination. For that reason, these small pieces of clothing can be an ideal type of promotional material. Advertising hats or scarves are a great idea, especially for winter days, and a distinctive logo of a company or event can be a perfect detail on every piece. Advertising belts or ties can also be a great and original idea, which, if designed in a fine and sophisticated way, can have a striking, and at the same time extremely modern look.

Office supplies and everyday trifles

A great type of advertising can be pens or diaries that will bear the label of the company or brand being advertised. Ballpoint pens are not only used in offices, but every person has them with them at all times and as such, they are an excellent promotional piece that guarantees that the advertised product or brand will be noticed and noticed by a large number of people.

A great distraction idea is also an advertising lighter, keychain, mug, or maybe even a USB flash drive. Everyday little things that go from hand to hand are a great way to spread advertising, so in addition to the creative and original moment, this type of advertising is also very effective.

Street art advertising

One of the most impressive, but also the freest creative expressions is through street art, that is, street art. Advertising using this type of art is called “guerrilla advertising”, and street art advertisements can be in the form of stickers, spray printing, or drawing graffiti. In any case, every passer-by will surely stop next to such a striking advertisement and take a look, and maybe even take photos, so the product can get a free advertisement on someone’s Instagram.


Billboards are a traditional method of advertising and perhaps the most common type of advertising that can be found in almost every city, every street… And it would certainly be a real surprise to find a billboard that does not look like a boring, shiny square. This creativity and art come on the scene, so there are many ways to make a 3D billboard that will jump out of patterns and established frames, but also with its unusualness to attract people’s attention, which is certainly the main and basic goal of advertising.

Humor always has a good pass

Good and creative ads have one thing in common and the foundation on which a quality advertisement is built, and that is most often humor. Humor is a great form of communication between producers and end-users because it involves some kind of intimacy. It’s like creating an internal joke with potential customers, which helps to gain and build trust between the two parties.

You should not be afraid of allusion

The pinnacle of creativity can be creating an intriguing, and yet not a too ticklish allusion, which will make the customer look at the advertisement, poster, or any other type of advertisement two or more times in order to properly understand what the manufacturer actually wants to order. As a result, advertisements will be engraved on people’s heads, and in the age of digital media, such advertisements will surely get their “free marketing” by social network users, so they will reach a larger number of people by sharing.

What is important to know when advertising is that before placing an advertisement on the air, you should always carefully research the market and focus on the target market, ie the population for which the product or service is intended. Only then should we reach for creative and original ways of advertising that will catch the eye of potential buyers.

Of course, when creating and letting the imagination run wild, it is necessary to take care and not cross the line of good taste, so, for example, advertising on the human body should not be an option, although there are examples of such cases. It is important to find a measure, and with creative and interesting marketing tricks, the product will surely be marketed in an appropriate way. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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