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If we, as global citizens and cosmopolitans, and above all passionate travelers, would like to summarize the previous year and extract some of its most important events, we cannot do that without presenting the list of the most interesting tourist texts from 2018. These texts will always be there to inspire and encourage you to plan new adventures and interesting trips, and they also provide new information and knowledge that will benefit everyone, including you, and maybe on the next trip!

These are the strongest Greek islands for a crazy first with the team

Speaking of the next trip, we assume that in most cases it is summer vacation. The Greek islands are an unavoidable summer destination for our tourists, and this tourist text has made the choice much easier, considering that it lists all the islands that promise a great time and are very suitable for summer vacations for young people.

Zakynthos highlighted as a place with a bustling nightlife, but also a beautiful beach is certainly a destination you can choose. The place Kavos on Corfu also stands out as a great place for fun and summer enjoyment, and there is the less popular, but equally beautiful Kos.

Lefkada is also extremely famous when it comes to having fun with the team, and in the text, we learned that it is not reached by ferry but by an underwater tunnel, as well as which places to visit. Kefalonia has also listed as extremely beautiful, full of greenery and natural beauty, but also a place for a great night out!

Mediterranean style of home decoration and everything you need to know

Greece, as we know, is one of the countries that can boast of being on the famous Mediterranean, world-famous for its unforgettable beaches, smiling people, authentic food, but also a specific style – especially the one that decorates homes across the Mediterranean.

This text showed us, first of all, what the Mediterranean style is so we learned that stone for floors or walls, wood for furniture, and plants such as pine, lavender, or olive are the perfect choice of materials for terraces, courtyards, or decorations, and when it is about colors – the predominant shades of nature: sea blue, the color of sand, as well as earthy shades, but also yellowish, which symbolize the sunny days of the Mediterranean.

We also learned how to choose adequate furniture, how to arrange the kitchen in a Mediterranean way, as well as how to decorate the inevitable terrace and yard in the Mediterranean.

Wonderful summer destinations that are the least visited by travelers in Europe

The Mediterranean is not only popular in Greece, but it is also often the most visited by tourists. This text taught us which are the Mediterranean, European summer destinations that are least visited by our tourists, and they should opt for them more often.

Although in nearby Greece, it is interesting that Crete has not been visited as much as it could be, as well as the luxurious Mykonos, and even the beautiful, famous Italian Sicily, which many call the heart of the Mediterranean. Sardinia and its beautiful beaches have also been unfairly neglected, and the writers of the text guarantee that there will be a twinge of its magnificent prehistoric heritage, but also beautiful beaches and sea pleasures.

How to choose the perfect bikini for your body

The members of the fairer sex know how much time and stress it takes to search for the perfect bikini before the trip, so they are certainly especially grateful for this text! Each figure implies that it has different bikini cuts and patterns, and in this text, the ladies found out which one suits their body best, whether they are athletically built, pear-shaped, have slightly wider shoulders than hips, or are apple-shaped – thanks to this text this year the beach will shine!

Luxury benefits offered by airlines to prestigious passengers

Tourism is closely related to the means of transport that allow us to cross long routes in an ever shorter period of time, and the plane is a champion of speed. Increasingly low-cost airlines make airplanes available to more and more people, but there will always be luxury benefits that airlines offer to their prestigious passengers, and yet the airline industry has managed to retain the attribute of luxury, and in this text, we learned which are luxury airline benefits.

Luxury offer on the plane, which includes: isolated passenger cabins, entertainment facilities, showers at an altitude of 10,000 meters, as well as a special offer of food and drinks. This is what the author singled out as luxury items offered by airlines. Also, the world’s airports are being modernized more and more often, so they themselves offer such amenities: airport lounges, personal and caring access to passengers (especially when it comes to first-class passengers), as well as better service and various content that are better at airports.

European cities that perfectly combine shopping and culture for the holidays

Before the holidays, tourist texts helped us choose the right winter destination for New Year’s travel, and among them certainly, the one that showed us cities whose main attributes are cultural and historical sights, but also shopping opportunities.

This is how oriental Istanbul, charming Milan, flawless Paris, and the inevitable, lavish Austrian capital are listed. When we later looked at the holiday photos from these cities, we were convinced that the authors were definitely right when writing this interesting tourist text, because these cities really looked magical for the holidays, and there are plenty of choices for shopping in them!

New Year’s trip to Milan – how to get to know the fashion center

Milan is one of the cities that are listed as excellent – both for culture and for shopping, and in this text, we learned all the attributes of Milan, as well as a lot of interesting things. Did you know the branding of the city of Milan is worth more than 400 billion euros?

Even before this text, we knew that Milan was the world capital of fashion, but not everything about its most important sights. It is not surprising that Milan was one of the most visited European cities this New Year as well when we look at all its attributes listed in this text.

Magical Vienna for the New Year – what to do in the capital of culture?

Somewhat more visited, but also bigger than Milan, was Vienna – the Austrian capital and city ​​of culture, with huge historical heritage, but also a large number of fun activities. Judging by this interesting tourist text, everyone in this city could choose a place and a celebration according to their taste for New Year’s Eve, and they did! The impressions of travelers from Vienna are still being retold, and we have no doubt that next year an even larger number of our tourists will decide for this holiday trip to Vienna.

How to check the condition of the car before traveling home

Whether it is a holiday or a summer if you are planning to go by car – it is necessary to check the condition of the car itself, and this text taught us in detail how to do it at home.

So we learned from him that it is extremely important, first of all, to check the oil and other fluids, as well as the correctness of the brakes. Checking the condition of the battery is also extremely important for a safe trip, and the replacement of all filters in the car is also what the authors recommended and put under “mandatory” to enjoy the planned trip and meet new destinations.

We learned a lot about destinations, travel, and tourism from these texts, and we continue to follow them because that is the best way to learn about our favorite activity – getting to know our beautiful planet. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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