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The new iPad 5, better known as the iPad Raw Footage of Bostin Loyd Injecting STEROIDS and SYNTHOL stanozolol 50 dr. tony huge enhanced athlete deposition (full) – anabolic tv Air last night, was officially unveiled at an event in San Francisco, organized by Apple. The general impression gained after last night is that the iPad Air comes with a slightly changed look and significant improvement when it comes to specification, which is in a way expected, given the increasingly fierce competition in the tablet segment, which threatens to blur the glory of the once untouchable. Apple. At first glance, the new iPad looks really beautiful, much thinner, and with finely rounded edges.

iPad Air design and specification

This 9.7-inch device weighs just under half a kilogram (469g to be exact) and has a thickness of only 7.5mm, which is fantastic. The tablet will come in white, black, and space gray, and silver, and based on the photos, it really looks very nice. In that sense, it can only be matched by the new iPad mini.

iPad Air 4The iPad Air comes with an already seen but very fresh A7 processor and plenty of other improvements. Many expected that the new generation of tablets could also get a fingerprint sensor, seen on the iPhone 5S smartphone, but that did not happen, so there is only a start button on the front of the device as in the predecessor. However, the new naming system (Air) certainly suggests that Apple is preparing to present the iPad Air as a more or less complete device, which could get a bigger screen in the future. Compared to the iPad 4, the Air delivers smaller dimensions and 20% less weight.

The iPad Air has a 5MP iSight camera and a FaceTime HD (1.2MP) front camera.

The new generation brings two speakers, modeled on the iPad mini. The battery life is about 10 hours, which also corresponds to the previous generation of this device. By default, Apple will offer the new iPad Air in versions with 16, 32.64, but also in the top version with as much as 128GB.

iPad Air screen

Speaking of the screen, it is of course a Retina display with a high resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels. As a result, the image is excellent, and the text on it is sharp and pleasant to read. However, this data corresponds to the Retina display from the previous generation, so it can be concluded that Apple is satisfied with how this screen works and that nothing needs to be changed.

iPad Air price and sales

The new iPad Air in four color combinations will be offered to the world market starting on November 1 at a starting price of $ 499. The LTE version of the device will have a minimum price of 629 dollars, while for fans of old technologies, Apple has predicted a reduction in the price of the iPad 2 model, which will cost 399 dollars. Probably not necessary, but it doesn’t hurt to have information that the new iPad comes with an iOS 7 operating system.

iPad Air first impression

The new iPad brings a significant number of improvements over the previous generation, both externally and internally. Apple boasts that it is the lightest tablet with this screen size in the world, which offers all the advantages of a fast A7 processor. On the first ball, we think it’s not without reason. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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