5 Reasons Why You Need a Selfie Stick

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If you thought the selfie stick was out of fashion, you were sorely mistaken. It’s here again this summer and it’s more popular than ever. You’ve probably noticed that a bunch of people walk around with this prop and every now and then they snap their phones and take great photos.

If you are still thinking about whether to get this smartphone accessory for this summer, we will help you make a rational decision. Here are 5 reasons why you might need a selfie stick and why it’s basically a very good and useful thing (although it still looks weird).

Best friends using selfie stick taking pic on exclusive luxury s on the featured photo above.

Reason 1: Use a selfie stick to capture a better view of your selfie photos

The selfie stick gives you the opportunity to “extend” your arms, so you can capture very wide angles and cover most of the landscape in your pictures. Just remember how many times you painted only the landscape or the sunset without the possibility of being in a corner because there was no place for you. With a selfie stick this problem can be solved, so you too can be a part of these beautiful pictures.

Reason 2: There will be no need to ask strangers to take your photo

We have already mentioned that the selfie stick gives you the opportunity to have more “depth and width” in your photos. Surely you know what a problem it is to take a photo where everything you want can fit in the frame and you have probably had the opportunity to ask strangers to take a picture of you.

Now, it’s generally not a problem to ask passers-by to take a picture of you, but what if the picture doesn’t turn out properly, or strangers wipe it off your phone, or if they drop their phone, or… Anything can happen if you don’t want to risk selfies like this the rod is a very simple and elegant solution.

Reason 3: Avoid pictures that show your hands

When you try to take a good selfie, it often happens that your hands are seen in the picture, and if you try to take a picture that will cover a wider angle, it happens that your hands look unnaturally long. This is not a big problem, but it can be very annoying. The ideal solution is again a selfie stick – you don’t have to give your hands a lot to get a good picture, and everything will be in its place.

Reason 4: Finally, the whole team will be able to fit into the frame

When taking pictures with your whole team you usually have to be very creative when you want everyone to fit into the frame, especially if this team has more than 10 members.

Surely you all have pictures from summer vacations, camping, festivals, or weddings where someone can only see the eye, and someone half the head.

When you have a selfie stick at hand, you will finally have photos where everyone is in one piece and where your entire team can be seen properly.

Reason 5: Take your own photos from seemingly impossible angles

You’ve probably wondered how images are created that look like someone is floating or hanging from a bridge. The answer is simple – they were taken with a selfie stick. This prop gives you the opportunity to be creative about the angles from which you take your photos. With a little imagination, you can also create a panorama with a breathtaking view or a photo from the edge of the rock.

What kind of selfie stick do I need?

Now that you know the reasons why you might need a selfie stick, all you have to do is choose the model that is right for you. When choosing which selfie stick to buy, pay attention to a few little things:

  • Your selfie stick should be stable and solid,
  • It must be telescopic (extensible),
  • It should fit your phone model,
  • It is necessary to hold the phone firmly in the cradle .

We agree, the selfie stick still looks a bit silly and looks like a toy, but it solves a bunch of problems we encounter especially when we are on vacation. So, let’s play and bring some really good photos from this summer.

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