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HTC U12+ was introduced a month ago, and only today the mass sale of the new HTC top phone starts. If you loved this brand, the HTC U12+ will not disappoint you. But if you know what Apple, Samsung, and even Huawei phones can do today, then it will be clear to you that HTC is done with its glory days.

Before we make the final judgment about the HTC U12+ model, let’s see what all this phone has to offer. We will also point out its good and bad sides, so you will only be able to decide whether this newcomer is for you or not.

What does the HTC U12+ look like?

When you see what the HTC U12+ looks like, you will immediately understand that it is an HTC model. Although the design has been completely changed compared to previous models, the line that marked this brand is still being followed.

The edges of the device itself are slightly rounded, and the materials from which the phone is made are of top quality, as on previous models. This time, the aluminum body is completely covered with ground glass, so the phone itself looks really impressive. Even when you add slightly rounded edges on the back of the phone, you get a real beauty.

What is interesting to mention is that the device itself has remained larger compared to the HTC U11. The dimensions of the device are 156.6 x 73.9 x 8.7 mm, and the screen diagonal is as much as 6 inches. The glass background and such ambitious dimensions make the phone not very comfortable in the hand, and if you are not careful, it can even be extremely slippery, so be careful at first. After a short time of use, you will easily get used to a slightly larger phone, unless you have already used phablets before.

What is the best thing about the HTC U12+?

What the HTC U12+ can boast of and stand side by side with the biggest names of today’s smartphone scene is the camera. Some even call it the best camera on a smartphone right now. Another argument in favor of the quality of the camera is the excellent rating from the site DxOMark, which deals exclusively with the evaluation of the image quality produced by cameras and lenses.

The main camera on the HTC U12+ phone has a dual 12MP sensor and a “standard set” of additional options, such as optical and electronic image stabilization, face detection sensor, autofocus, optical zoom, etc. While it makes very good images in daylight, this camera only reveals its true power in low light conditions, so you will only see in the evening how powerful it really is.

Another great thing about the HTC U12+ phone is the great sound quality that this phone produces. Whether the sound is output from headphones (which mitigate the effects of external noise) or from the phone’s speakers themselves, the tone will be rich and of very high quality. With the phone itself, you will get USonic headphones that will work great with such a powerful audio system. Even lower quality headphones will be good enough to serve when the sound is of this quality.

What drives the HTC U12+?

What lies beneath the shiny glass surface of the HTC U12+ phone is quite satisfying, but not impressive enough for the top model in 2018. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset that works with 6GB of RAM will successfully meet most of your requirements. However, the picture is partially spoiled by the 3500mAh battery. This capacity is not small, but when you consider the 6-inch diagonal display and powerful hardware, it is good that you can get through the day with your phone.

Another good news is that the HTC U12+ is dust and water-resistant, so it has an IP certificate of 68. This means that you can get it wet and nothing terrible will happen to it if it gets wet, falls into the water, or spills on it. favorite drink.

The software running the HTC U12+ is Android Oreo 8.0, with the announcement that an upgrade to a new version of Android is already planned.

What are the disadvantages of the HTC U12+ phone?

We have already mentioned that this beautiful phone has its flaws, so it’s time to mention that as well. The biggest complaint to HTC relates to the lack of volume buttons. HTC tried to innovate this option, so it put fake touch buttons on the device. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a very bad idea because the buttons do not activate as users expect. There is no signal that anything with the sound has changed as you try to squeeze them, so you don’t know if you muted the phone until it rang.

Another major objection relates to the gesture of squeezing. While the manufacturers try to present this gesture as a convenient and good thing, users resent and refuse to accept this gesture as a “killer feature.” HTC experienced the same fate with its grip, so it is no wonder that this gesture was on the list of objections.

Is this the last thing we’ll see from HTC?

Given that Google has acquired part of the company, it is uncertain what we can expect from HTC in the future. Many predict that this will be the last we will see of them, but we would still like to see HTC make a turnaround and return to the arena. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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