5 Reasons to Start Learning a Foreign Language

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In this article, I give you 5 reasons to start learning a foreign language right away. Learning foreign languages ​​has always been considered a nightmare, whether you are in school or you left it a long time ago.

There are many reasons why adults learn foreign languages today, from the job that may be waiting for them abroad to the desire to simply find something to occupy their free time.

However, when the mental barrier that many of us feel is overcome, even when we just think about learning a foreign language, it is easy to understand why this could actually be a very good decision.

Foreign languages ​​keep us young, encourage our creativity and help us meet new friends, and that is why we now present you with the five most important reasons why this is exactly the thing you need to do as soon as possible.

Learn foreign language as a hobby

Just because most people probably work from morning to night, that doesn’t mean they don’t need some hobby and something to relax them and show them that there is something else in life besides work.

Learning a foreign language usually takes place twice a week, for ninety minutes, usually in the afternoon or evening. Which means that this will not affect your free time too much, nor your work, at any time of the day.

Moreover, this commitment will help you better organize your free activities, find new hobbies that will occupy you, and develop your curves – after all, learning a language is one of the best ways to develop your intellect.

Learn new language to meet new people

No matter how old you are – unless, of course, you are a high school student or a student surrounded by a bunch of friends – chances are high that the number of people close to you is lower than it was when you were younger.

That’s why it’s always good to find new people to hang out with. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll find your new best friend or soul mate in foreign language classes, but you never know.

That is why it is good to leave the house, at least twice a week, and find new friends with whom learning a foreign language will become easier and more interesting.

Learn foreign language to discover new cultures

We all assume we know everything about the world around us and the people around us. But, how much do we know about other cultures and foreign countries?

Unfortunately, probably not too much, but this can change if we decide to enroll in a foreign language course. Learning any language implies the acquisition of a large amount of knowledge about all the countries in which that language is spoken today.

That is why if you enroll, for example, in a quality German language course, you can expect to learn more about the customs, peoples and everyday life of Germany, Switzerland and Austria than you could have imagined.

Prepare for new travels

One of the things that is always mentioned when talking about foreign languages ​​is that it doesn’t make much sense to learn them if you don’t go to the country where they are spoken and really use them to talk to the people who live there.

But, what is less mentioned is the fact that learning a language and any level of knowledge will set you free when you are in a foreign country, and that you will start speaking the language you are learning more fluently than ever before.

This way you will actually give yourself ideas for new trips by learning the language, and you will never be afraid to communicate with strangers on those trips again.

Learning language as a mental exercise

When you reach a certain age, the brain starts working slower than before, which means that each of us faces more and more memory problems.

Unfortunately, this is a common consequence of aging, and there is not much you can do to prevent it.

However, while learning a foreign language, you are effectively preventing aging, practicing your curves, and inducing your brain to engage in additional mental activity, which may even prevent the onset of various diseases that slow your flow of thought and speech rate.


As you can see, learning a foreign language today is no longer a nightmare, nor should it be in the future – it is just another skill that you can master in a shorter or longer period of time, depending on your obligations, free time and motivation with which you approach this idea.

It is something that will positively affect your mental health, physical fitness, social anxiety and position in society, so it is an activity that is really useful on so many levels.

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