6 celebrities who had a problem with pimples

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Regardless of their money and their fame, celebrities also have pimples. Hollywood beauty also has its flaws, although it looks flawless. We all have facial skin problems sometimes.

The stars on the front pages always look perfect, but that is not always the real situation. Women often want to look just like them, like their favorite singers or actresses, so they strive for perfection, which exists only in the media.

Just like us, ordinary mortals, many famous ladies suffer from pimples. Some of them have not been resolved even today. And it never occurs to us that such beautiful women have any flaws. However, their faces without a single dot are simply not realistic. It is mostly about good, professional make-up that can cover all the shortcomings.

Here we will reveal which 6 famous women have skin problems, and how they really look without makeup. When you hear the real situation, you will realize that the stars are ordinary people, just like us, and that pimples are a very common phenomenon.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria has always been considered a beauty. She always seems tidy and well-groomed. The problem she had was related to polycystic ovaries and this very much affected her facial skin.

She has had a problem with persistent acne for years. Although she is wealthy and had the best clinics in the world at her fingertips, they, unfortunately, did not manage to do much. Beckham says that the contraceptive pills that regulated hormones helped the most.

Polycystic ovaries are one of the most common diseases of women and lead to hormonal imbalance. When you have this problem, there can be a lack of menstruation, accumulation of fatty tissue in the area of ​​the abdomen, increased hairiness is possible, skin and hair become much more oily than usual. This is how hormonal pimples appear, similar to pregnancy, which is very difficult to treat and hide. New ones are constantly appearing, they can be very painful and long-lasting.

Oily facial skin is suitable for creating acne, which we will find difficult to deal with, but it is still possible with hormone therapy for pimples, with proper care and adequate nutrition. It takes time and patience for the hormones to stabilize and for even bigger problems not to occur.

Victoria Beckham often takes pictures and posts photos without makeup on her Instagram, says that she always feels more desirable and beautiful without excessive make-up, and encourages women to show their natural side.

Britney Spears

Pop singer Britney Spears has struggled with acne on several occasions, but also with various problems that have caused her skin to suffer. Britney was on the list of the most beautiful women in the world for years, and then she had phases of a totally neglected edition.

She revealed on one occasion that she has big problems with her complexion. Pimples are a normal occurrence, especially when we are under stress, as she was. She discovered that she still had them in puberty and that even today she did not manage to get rid of them completely. Puberty pimples require cream, good advice from a dermatologist, and adherence.

In 2007, Britney underwent nerve breakage and difficulty recovering. That greatly affected her weight, beauty, and only her mental state. Her complexion problem often varies, and since she had periods when she didn’t get dressed at all, the media waited for every opportunity to catch her without makeup.

Kendall Jenner

And photo models have pimples! The young model who won the world catwalks did not always look so enchanting. She was an ordinary girl, who suffered from a lack of self-confidence and had many shortcomings with her. She was suffering from acne and pimples.

“Acne has destroyed my self-esteem, but it doesn’t define who I am or what kind of person I am. When I talked to other people, I was ashamed and I didn’t dare look them in the eye, they seemed to be empathetic towards me. When I like a guy in high school, I didn’t have the courage to approach him, not even to address him. I suffered, I often cried when I was alone. However, that painful period has passed and I feel like I was born again. I have a good dermatologist, the crisis puberty years have passed and now I use the right preparations that help me keep pimples from coming back. ” She told The one put on one occasion.

If you also have pimples, know that there are ways you can get rid of them. It is important to accept them as something that will pass. It must not affect your personality. Don’t be ashamed of yourself for them. Your skin can be put in order, and self-confidence is much harder to build once it is damaged.

If you are depressed because you have pimples on your face, it will be much harder for you to focus on the problem of removing acne.

Cameron Diaz

The always smiling blonde graced many magazines acted in many movies and always looked at least a couple of years younger. Only makeup she could help and cover pimples that camera n Diaz could not remove even with the best beauticians.

“The pimples kept coming back to me. I tried many medications, but they didn’t help me. When I realized how important what I bring to myself, the situation changed a lot. I ate fast food every day because I adore it. It didn’t affect my weight much, but it did affect acne as well. When I started eating healthier, the pimples became much smaller and did not appear as often as before, “Cameron said on one occasion.

Remember that the most important thing is to accept yourself at the moment when you think that there is no solution. In order to change ourselves and our appearance, we must also change our daily habits. A balanced diet is very important and it is the key to success when we talk about pimples.

If you want to get your diet in order and get rid of persistent acne, you need to eliminate some foods from the menu. Dairy products can cause pimples and experts say that the hormones in milk can be the culprit. Reduce your intake of dairy products, and see how your face behaves.

Sweets and cakes can make the pimple situation worse. Instead of sweets, if you like something, choose fruit, which is also sweet, but will not make a mess on your face. Make your skin happy and skip sweets whenever you can, even if they are prepared by the most famous chefs in the world.

We always advise you to pay attention to bad habits, such as cigarettes or alcohol. They adversely affect your body, and thus your facial skin.

Although it is much easier said than done, know that it is better to prevent than to treat serious acne problems , which can last for years.

Alisha Keys

Alicia Keys, a popular singer, has long struggled with pimples on her forehead. She covered it with strong make-up so that they would hide from her face for at least a while, but persistent pimples are very difficult to hide. She got rid of the pimple by regularly and properly cleansing her skin with cosmetics and drinking large amounts of water.

Hydrated skin is healthy skin.

Whether you have problematic or normal skin, you need to clean it in the right way to avoid clogging the pores. When dirt accumulates in the pores, bacteria form and so do pimples that are under inflammatory processes. They can be painful, full of pus, sometimes on certain parts of the face, and sometimes scattered everywhere.

To prevent this from happening often, because it is rare for pimples to never appear, proper care is key to keeping your face beautiful and well-groomed. Facial cleansing is not hard, but it can also be fun.

To clean deep pores, it is important to remove all makeup. There are wipes that are designed specifically for removing makeup, and there are also products such as various micellar waters and lotions. Always choose this product to suit your skin type, to avoid additional irritation.

Peeling can help you remove dead cells from your face. You can buy it or choose to make natural peels at home that you can use regularly.

When you wash your face, wipe it gently with a clean towel, and then apply a moisturizing face cream .

In an interview, Alisha Keys talked about pimples and mentioned how much it is possible to change things in your favor if, in addition to proper care, we get enough sleep. Quality sleep and enough rest will bring freshness and radiance to your face.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has problems with blackheads and pimples, just like all of us. She has her own cosmetic line, Devonne, by Demi and her main advice to girls is not to touch her face.

Do you ever squeeze pimples?

“I often have blackheads and pimples and I avoid squeezing them. When I’m not doing that, they quickly retreat and pass. There are a lot of bacteria and impurities on our nails, and when we transfer it directly to the face, general chaos occurs. Don’t touch your face and wait for the pimples to go away on their own. ”Demi said.

Sometimes it is impossible not to squeeze blackheads and pimples, but every dermatologist will tell you that it is strictly forbidden to work at home.

Pimples on our faces can certainly shake the image we have of ourselves, but don’t forget that Hollywood beauties have the same problems that we have.

Celebrities admit little about having acne, but sometimes it’s really hard to hide it. However, there are those who encourage young girls not to shut themselves in because of this problem but to do everything to change their basic habits and to make the pimples disappear quickly.

A beautiful and well-groomed face is every woman’s dream, so we often do everything we can to achieve that. Always choose natural preparations and take care of your face regularly, so that it is always healthy, and not just at this time.

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