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The ski season has largely begun, and fans of winter and winter sports could hardly wait for it! Those who have not yet found a destination for skiing and wintering can still do so very easily! If you are looking for a great European destination for this occasion, find out below which are the ideal destinations for skiing in Europe.

Marilleva, Italy

Marilleva is an Italian ski resort located in the northwest of Trentino (Italian province), in the Val di Sole (Valley of the Sun). This speaks volumes about the number of sunny days at this ski resort that makes it the perfect choice for skiing in 2019. Marilleva is a ski resort that does not have so many trails – they stretch for 55 km, and have a slightly more intimate atmosphere than other, world-famous, European ski resorts.

Marilleva is well connected by ski lifts and cable cars with the surrounding ski resorts, including Madonna di Campiglio, so without taking off your skis you can actually enjoy the intimacy of Marilleva but also go to Campiglio or some other popular place nearby. Top Italian cuisine, great service, and excellent skiing conditions in Marileva are guaranteed!

Great arrangements for Madonna di Campiglio, Marilleva ski center, as well as for Nasfeld, but also many other ski destinations in 2019, offers.

Nassfeld, Austria

With its 30 mountain lifts and lifts, as well as 110 km of ski trails – Nasfeld is a great winter destination for ski lovers. Not only does it have a large selection of ski trails, but it is also suitable for all ski levels – both for professional skiers and beginners!

This ski resort is located on the border of Austria and Italy, so during skiing in this destination, you will constantly, unknowingly, and unintentionally, cross the border. This makes it especially interesting, and it also stands out for its fun content – in Nasfeld you will come across many polygons and interesting trails for skiers. Because of this, young people, as well as snowboarders, love it the most, but it is a perfect choice for families with children, as well as for all those who enjoy comfort, but also great trails.

Madonna di Campiglio, Hotel Italy

Madonna di Campiglio is a discreet, elegant ski town located at 1550 meters in the beautiful hollow of the Dolomites. This ski center is seen by many as number 1 when it comes to Italian ski resorts. The ski slopes in this ski center are spread over huge areas, reaching a height of up to 2,500 meters, which guarantees snow throughout the season.

In addition to excellent accommodation, services, as well as everything you need for skiing – in Madonna di Campiglio you will have a great time! Namely, the European jet set loves to go to this destination for the winter, so over time, the service and offer of bars and great leisure activities became bigger and bigger!

Zermatt, Switzerland

In the Swiss Alps, there are many ski resorts, and Zermatt is one of them. This is one of the world-famous ski resorts, certainly one of the best European ski centers, and it is located in the part of Switzerland where the German language is spoken.

Zermatt looks like a real winter idyll – small wooden huts, beautiful street lighting and an excellent offer of accommodation and services are definitely the main characteristics of this ski town, so it is not surprising that this is the “most photographed” ski center in the world. In addition, and what is perhaps most important – Zermatt has excellent ski slopes and a great offer for skiers.

Apart from these European ski resorts, you can also find offers for many other great places for skiing, and we have no doubt that you will not make a mistake with your choice! Skiing in the Balkans is also not to be underestimated – Kopaonik in Serbia, the Bulgarian mountains, but also somewhat northern Slovenia has an excellent selection of ski resorts, and some of them are world-class! is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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