5 Most Beautiful Beaches in Montenegro

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For many years, the Montenegrin coast has been a synonym for beautiful travels, which combine excellent fun and enjoyment in a harmonious combination of nature and tourism. The Adriatic Sea and the blue that is reflected in the surrounding karst terrain, seductive wilderness, and unrealistically beautiful scenes along the Montenegrin coast, are reason enough to visit this world-famous summer resort.

When it comes to Montenegro, the sea seduces visitors with its charm and dark blue color, Mediterranean scents, and unreal landscapes that surround it. Montenegro is a true jewel of the Adriatic, with a rich history, fascinating architecture, and adventure at every turn.

However, a special place in the offer of Montenegro is occupied by fairytale beaches where you can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, diving, as well as numerous adventure sports. Find out more about the 5 most beautiful beaches in Montenegro below.

1 Big beach in Ulcinj – Kopakabana in the middle of the Adriatic

Ulcinj is the southernmost town on the Montenegrin coast, which with its natural potential is a great place to spend your summer vacation and enjoy the charms of the Adriatic. The large beach in Ulcinj is about 13 kilometers long and is the longest on the entire Montenegrin coast. Due to the fine, powdery sand and crystal clear sea, it was named Copacabana, after the famous beach in Rio de Janeiro.

This beach is one of the favorites of all fans of extreme water sports, due to its exposure to wind and flat terrain on the beach. The large beach in Ulcinj offers visitors a large number of restaurants with fish and other specialties, and the Mediterranean ambiance that this beach exudes leaves no one indifferent.

2 Blue horizons – natural bays and crystal clear sea

The blue horizons are located at the bottom of the natural bay Pržno, on the Luštica peninsula. Blue horizons are one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Montenegro, and the fairytale pine forest that surrounds it enhances the impression of this beach on the open sea. The rocky bays, the crystal clear and shallow sea, with the largest number of sunny hours a year, are an ideal environment for children, non-swimmers, but also for lovers of relaxation on the beautiful, blue Adriatic.

3 Jaz Beach in Budva – the unreal beauty of untouched nature

Jaz Beach is located just a few kilometers from the famous Montenegrin resort – Budva. It is one of the three longest beaches on the Montenegrin coast, and the beauty it exudes ranks it at the very top in terms of enjoyment and relaxation on the Adriatic.

The pebble beach that turns into the sand in the water is surrounded by untouched nature and the richness of the Montenegrin wilderness. The catering facilities on the beach itself are located on the east side, in the natural, rocky shade of Mediterranean trees that protects them from the strong south or summer bora.

4 Ada Bojana – sandy space and island atmosphere

Ada Bojana is one of the most beautiful Montenegrin beaches and is located near the border with Albania. In the seventies, this uninhabited, river island got its own nudist complex, but over the years it became known in wider circles. Ada Bojana is characterized by a beautiful sandy beach that begins where the Great Beach in Ulcinj ends.

Ada Bojana spreads over about 60 hectares, and due to the favorable winds, it is a real oasis for fans of kiting and other water sports. Here is a complex of bungalows and a complex of apartments, and the beautiful sandy expanse and island atmosphere create an unforgettable ambiance for anyone who decides to visit this beautiful beach.

5 Žanjice beach in Herceg Novi – azure atmosphere of a natural bay

Žanjice beach is located in the Mirište bay, on the Luštica peninsula. The beach is also known as “Presidential Beach”, because Josip Broz Tito chose it as his private beach. Žanjice beach is located in the ambiance of azure blue seas, surrounded by olive groves and pebbles, while the water is clear and transparent. Near the beach, there is the island of Mamula with the old Austrian fortress and the Blue Cave to which there are daily excursions during the summer months.

Every summer, Montenegro is a real tourist treat for lovers of the blue Adriatic Sea, good fun and enjoyment, and a visit to one of these beaches will make your stay in the country on the Adriatic unforgettable.

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