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The beginning of September has always been a sign of going to school. As children, you were looking forward to the preparations before the beginning of the school year, in your teenage days it was not exactly good news, and now that you are parents yourself, you know very well what obligations await you in the last days of summer.

In addition to the textbooks that you receive or buy, depending on the school, it is necessary for children to buy all the necessary school supplies. Not sure what that means? How could you not forget something, we list everything that schoolchildren need and give an answer to the question – how to equip a child for school?

School backpacks or school bags?

School bags are an item you should start with. If your child is in the lower grades of primary school, probably the most interesting school bags will be the ones with motifs of cartoon characters, as cheerful as possible, as colorful as possible!

Before meeting your child’s needs, several criteria should be considered. Backpacks or school bags must be of good quality, spacious enough to fit everything, and yet strong enough to withstand the load of books and the rest of school supplies.

You should also evaluate the quality of the zipper or other fastening method used, as well as whether the child will open the backpack easily or will struggle. It is also recommended to look for school bags with wide straps because they are more suitable for the back and shoulders because they allow even weight distribution.

In addition to the shape, you should pay attention to the comfort of the shoulder straps, as well as the part of the backpack that clings to the back. Pay attention to the lining as well, and advise the child not to insert some parts of the accessories (such as rulers and walkers) directly on the lining, so that it does not tear.

Are school bags or backpacks a better choice? If they meet the stated criteria, it doesn’t matter. Let your child decide on the aesthetic side. An additional tip is to look for bags and backpacks before September, ie “before the season”, because then their price will surely be lower.

What should school pencils contain?

Pillows for school are the next, necessary item! Older children will often choose smaller ones, while first-graders and other lower grade students often need larger pencil cases for school, in order to fit all the necessary school supplies.

You should definitely find quality graphite pencils, which the child will be able to cut with ease, an eraser, wooden crayons, and a notch. You should not skimp on the quality of this accessory, because it is important that the pencils do not break every hour because the child learns to write with them, and on the other hand it is important that the eraser is good so that the notebooks are neat.

Pencil case with crayons

You can save on rulers, so if you already have some at home and they match the required dimensions, you don’t have to buy new ones, because there is no significant difference. Also, you can pack some advertising ballpoint pens with a print that are already safely in your home, and buy more if you are looking for some specific colors.

Depending on the age of the child, the pencil case should also include:

  • Felt-tip pens
  • Technical pencil 0.5
  • Mine 0.5
  • Geometric set
  • A compass and a cartridge
  • School supplies in which it is written

When you have bought the appropriate writing utensils, equip yourself with notebooks. The child will certainly need A4 and A5 notebooks, and depending on the subject, choose those with a thin or hardcover.

For example, for mathematics or Serbian, ie the subjects from which the child has the most classes, it is better to choose a bound notebook, with more sheets, so that it lasts longer. The child will probably need an exercise book and a notebook, and it is useful to carry a notebook with him so that he can write down the information he receives at school (the date of the parent meeting or control task).

Art accessories

When it comes to shopping before school, younger children are most looking forward to accessories for art classes. Provide the child with block number 5 (or if someone else is required), and the colors – water or tempera, are usually chosen at the suggestion of the teacher. Make sure to provide your child with brushes, a musket, and a water container, so that it is both creative and tidy.

School supplies and buying the same for children are often special pastimes and fun activities. List all the items on our list so you don’t forget anything, and we’re sure shopping before school will turn into a fun family activity! is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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