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On the right bank of the Danube, not far from the mouth of the Sava, there is a territorial, historical, political, cultural, economic, and traffic city in the city – Zemun. Zemun has belonged to Belgrade since 1934, but its physical and cultural separation, the difference in architecture, and overall appearance divide people into those who believe that Zemun is a city ​​for itself and those who do not agree with it.

In addition to the specific cultural significance and nature that was favorable to him, Zemun offers different types of entertainment. For that reason, Zemun apartments are more and more visited, and guests are both Serbs and foreign tourists.

It boasts a beautiful quay lined with rafts where you can drink good wine and eat fish specialties, the Homeland Museum, the Madlenianum Theater, a hill that has existed since the Vinca culture – Gardoš, as well as parks and magnificent buildings. And read about what to do in Zemun below.

The oldest house in Belgrade

In the settlement of Ćukovac in Zemun, there is the oldest house in the capital, a cultural monument dating back to 1658. During the three and a half centuries have alternated owners. Since the 18th century, there has been a White Bear tavern, which was nationalized in 1848 and closed only in the 1960s. It is known that Eugene of Savoy stayed in it during the conquest of Belgrade. The style of the house can be classified as oriental Balkan architecture.

On the ground floor, below the house, there is an underground corridor that is over 20 meters long, and on its side, there is a wine cellar where former beer keepers kept wine. It is certainly interesting to see, and it used to be a space rented to eminent artists. However, in recent years, this house has suffered the consequences of old age due to centuries of existence, and requires renovation, which requires the permission of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments.

In addition to the fact that the oldest house in Belgrade is located in Zemun, it should be pointed out that Zemun is a real corner of contrast. Namely, the largest and most important construction projects of the 21st century are being built in this part of the city, so for example, construction in Serbia, and above all in Zemun, is becoming richer for the new and first ecological settlement called Green Avenue.


Club FEST is now a cult place for fans of r’n’r and quality gigs. The club has existed since 1991, and today is known as a rare bastion of rock, which is a real refuge for audiences who want a good sound.

Many of today’s renowned bands started on the Festa stage. Even today, FEST hosts top performers in an intimate environment that visitors especially appreciate. It is a recommendation for all those who appreciate music and a real alternative scene. With reasonable prices for drinks and a long chat, you will feel the spirit not only of the city but also of its inhabitants. They like to call themselves uncompromising fighters of good sound, and we warmly recommend it to you.

Great War Island

The Great War Island is one of the few preserved oases of untouched nature. It is located at the confluence of the Sava and the Danube. Its first recorded title was the Danube Island, and it got its present one in 1717, from the moment when it became an important crossroads of trade routes. Many protected wetland birds live on this island. Also, other animal species such as foxes and hedgehogs are represented, and numerous fish enter ponds.

Conifers and deciduous trees can be seen from the vegetation. The western part of the coast is the sandy beach Lido, which is especially popular among the people of Zemun. South of the Great War Island, there is the Little War Island which stretches for 700m.

Madlenianum Theater

It was created in 1997 as the first private opera in the Balkans. The founder and donor are Madeleine Zepter, who is known for her investments in culture and art, not only in Serbia but in the whole of Europe. Madlenianum is a real center of cultural events. Nurturing opera as a theatrical art in which musical and dramatic moments overlap is a novelty in our region. The most prominent play so far that is still current is the work of Victor Hugo, The Poor.

Gardoš Fortress

For the end of this list, the famous Gardoš had to be found. The fortress is the oldest building in Zemun and was mentioned in the IX and XI century. In the middle of the building is a tower that was built in 1896. This fortification suffered its first suffering even in the 11th century under the onslaught of the First Crusade. This fortress is also mentioned in the Byzantine-Hungarian wars. The destruction was again by the Ottomans in 1397.

This fortification was given to Đurađ Branković in 1441, and Janos Hunjadi died as a result of wounds received during the defense of Belgrade. Today, the square citadel that is located at the end of a large light plateau above the Danube River has survived. The length of the sides of the citadel with towers is 45m. It also houses the Čubrilo studio and gallery.

Zemun is one of the oldest settlements in Europe, and because of its charm and well-arranged infrastructure, it definitely deserves you to visit it and enjoy all the charms. The advice is to start from this list, and then discover for yourself what secrets Taurunum hides.

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