What’s Inside a Computer Case?

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The computer case is a box, that is. “armor” that stores computer components. But, let’s see What’s Inside a Computer Case.

Computer cases can be of different sizes and shapes and can be made of different materials: plastic, metal, and even wood.

Strength ie. the performance of a computer is by no means determined by the appearance of the case, but by the computer components contained in the case.

Inside the housing are:

  • Motherboard
  • Processor
  • RAM
  • graphic map
  • hard drive
  • Power supply
  • Motherboard

The motherboard is an extremely important component that serves to connect all parts of the computer into a functional whole, enabling their power supply and their mutual communication. So, all the computer components are connected to the motherboard.

Processor (Central Processing Unit; CPU)

The processor can be said to be the “brain of the computer”. The processor is an integrated circuit and it performs all computational and logical operations and executes instructions given by the program during computer operation.

Processor speed is expressed in millions of operations it performs in one second – MIPS (Million Instruction Per Second) or MFLOPS (Million Floating Point Operations Per Second). Processor clock speed is measured in Gigahertz – GHz. Higher clock speeds allow for higher processor speeds, so GHz is increasingly being used as a unit of measure for processor speed.

Processors can be with one or more cores. More cores and faster clock speeds ensure better computer performance.

A powerful processor is extremely important if the computer is used for video processing or for playing demanding video games.

The two most well-known processor manufacturers for desktops and laptops are Intel and AMD.

Since the processor heats up a lot during operation, a cooler with a fan is mounted on the processor itself, which has the task of cooling the processor.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

A hard disk is a computer component that is used to store data and programs permanently. When you insert a movie into your computer, that movie is stored on your computer’s hard disk. When you download a file from the Internet, it is stored on your hard disk.

Each hard drive has its own capacity. Capacity is the ability of a hard disk to store a certain amount of data. Capacity is expressed in Gigabytes (GB) and Terabytes (TB). The capacity of today’s hard drives ranges from 320GB to 8TB.

Higher capacity also means more data (movies, songs, documents, programs) that we can store. If we plan to in the computer, ie. we store a large number of movies, pictures, music and games on the hard disk, then we need a hard disk with as much capacity as possible.

It is advisable to burn important data to a DVD disc or store it in the cloud, since the hard disk is a sensitive component, in case of failure of which all data can be lost.

In addition to classic hard drives, there are also SSD (Solid State Drive) drives. SSDs have a smaller capacity compared to classic hard drives. Capacity ranges from 60GB to 1TB.

Although smaller in capacity, these drives are extremely fast so they provide outstanding performance (high speed writing and reading data). The price of these hard drives is higher than the classic ones.


RAM (Random Access Memory) is the memory in which programs that are executed are stored, as well as the data that are processed by those programs. RAM retains (stores) the data contained in it only while the computer is turned on. The capacity of RAM is expressed in Gigabytes.

RAM is of paramount importance for computer performance. More RAM provides faster program opening, more elegant operation in more demanding programs, better performance when playing video games. It is recommended that we have a minimum of 4GB of RAM in a computer running Windows 10.

Graphic Card

A graphics card is a computer component that secures the display of an image on a monitor.

May be:

Non-integrated – in the form of a separate card that is inserted into the appropriate slot on the motherboard

Integrated – in the form of a chip that is an integral part of the motherboard.

If the computer is primarily used for word processing and Internet surfing, then an integrated graphics card is sufficient.

If we are dealing with graphic or video processing, it is desirable that the graphics card be non-integrated. In modern and demanding video games, the graphics card plays a crucial role when it comes to performance.

Power Supply

The power supply is located inside the housing and provides electricity to power all components inside the housing.

The main characteristic of the power supply is its power, which is expressed in watts (W). The power supply must be of sufficient power to provide adequate power to the computer components inside the chassis. Poor quality power supply can be short-lived and easily breaks down in the event of a sudden power outage.

My Computer PC Setup

Here is an unboxing video of my new computer in separate hardware components.

Here is my dual PC streaming setup with specs.

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Mircic91.com is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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