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People mistakenly assume that creativity is something you have or don’t have, and they think that creativity is acquired by birth and is genetic. However, that is not true. Everyone is creative in their own way. Creativity develops through life and we alone are responsible for it. Depending on how much we work on our creativity, we will be creative to that extent, because creativity is a skill that develops from the earliest childhood.

As we live a fast-paced life in the twenty-first century, as stress often overwhelms us and fatigue overcomes us, it is necessary to find some ways to relax us. Many relax with a kind of creative expression, and so there are schools where you can relax by learning something new, such as bah.edu.rs.

In the following text, you will be able to read about the ways in which you can relax with creative expression.

Drawing and painting against stress

Drawing is a skill that anyone can learn. Namely, they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so don’t worry if not everyone likes your drawing. By drawing and coloring, the body is relieved of stress and as your drawing nears the end, the happiness hormone grows, and you forget about fatigue and the causes of possible nervousness.

Anti-stress coloring books have conquered the world in recent years and dominated the leisure market. Coloring for adults is in a way an anti-stress therapy advised by many psychotherapists. If you also like to draw, by drawing certain patterns and shapes, and then coloring them, you release stress and encourage and develop your creativity.

In a way, drawing and coloring return to childhood, to the period when everyone was maximally carefree, and that is one of the reasons why with this creative expression, people relax and become more fulfilled and calmer. A state of relaxation, which is achieved by drawing and coloring, results in a reduction in blood pressure, elimination of headaches and digestive disorders.

Writing to complete nirvana

In the fight against stress, which is increasingly present among people today, writing helps a lot. Namely, by writing, people get rid of all the difficulties that bother them. If thoughts and feelings are written down on paper, they can often have an effective effect and the power to relieve current stress. It often happens that words are written on paper, if they have a string that connects them, become a good blog text, sometimes a novel.

Notebook on the table with pencils

It doesn’t matter if you weren’t good at writing essays when you were in elementary school, this time you set the topic yourself, and often you don’t even need the topic. All you need is a pen and paper, or simply a laptop, and creation with relaxation can begin. If you don’t know how to start writing, just write down how you are currently feeling or how you liked the lunch you ate for example. You can’t imagine how much creative expression in the form of writing will release you from the negative energies caused by stress and fatigue.

Knitting and crocheting – stress relief

Knitting encourages a sense of pride and success, and endorphins grow and make us feel more fulfilled. People who knit and crochet, in addition to getting a ready-made product that they can use, relieve stress and relax. Knitting and crocheting have a therapeutic effect, which has been confirmed by numerous studies which state that more than 80 percent of people who are engaged in knitting feel much happier after knitting.

In addition to relaxing this creative expression, it also has a number of long-term positive health benefits. Namely, these activities stimulate the brain and alleviate the symptoms of depression, which is increasingly present in people today. It is also suitable for the elderly because it reduces the possibility of dementia.

Creative hobbies are a great way to have fun and relax. Stress is inevitable and that is why it is very important to occasionally switch off and relax. Therefore, take the initiative, play music, develop your creative side and enjoy the products of your relaxation.

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