New Year’s Eve in New York, Paris, London or Belgrade

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At the time of writing this article, we are slowly entering the second half of December, when the New Year’s euphoria will be more and more pronounced. Hope this help you decide between New Year’s Eve in New York, Paris, London or Belgrade.

And so, plans are made, the budget is planned, society is gathered. As every year, this December 31st is expected, a farewell from the old year and the welcome of the new one, which we hope will be better and more beautiful.

This is not the case only with us. That’s the way it is all over the world. What is different is the way the New Year is celebrated and the suggestions on how to enjoy that night. We take you on a trip around the world!

What kind of New year celebration do Londoners like?

Those who find themselves in London, and want to celebrate the New Year in a bar, can opt for themed parties, which cost 60 or 90 pounds, depending on whether you come at 18:30 or 21:30. That’s exactly the way it is with Hollywood motives.

Visitors can expect a special menu, which consists of four dishes and a welcome drink. All additional drinks are paid. The crowd will be entertained by the band.

If you still want something more exclusive, you can choose a boat cruise with a view of the famous London fireworks (cover photo)!

Prices range from 145 to almost 400 pounds. All arrangements are time-limited to about four to five hours and end about an hour and a half after midnight.

Those who choose this kind of welcome, apart from fireworks, can expect a panoramic tour of the city and a party with a band or DJ.

The difference in price is related to whether there is an offer of food or not, whether drinks are available all night, or just a welcome drink and the one that is used to celebrate when the hands point at midnight.

Note that one pound is worth about $1,3.

New Year’s Eve in New York

Times Square, the most famous intersection in Manhattan, New York, is a gathering place for tourists. Of course, it will be the same for the reception.

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Times Square Christal Ball New Year in New York

Numerous parties will take place here. One of them is a VIP, called “NEW YEARS EVE AT Marriott Marquis”. It starts at 8 pm and will last for the next five.

Those who choose this party expect premium drinks and specialties, as stated in the announcement, along with a party that will be provided by DJs and live performances. However, the prices are very high – from 500 to as much as 5,000 dollars!

“Open bar” parties are also organized, lasting four hours, and champagne opens at midnight. The music that will be listened to here is hip hop and house.

For example, on the roof of a hotel, where tickets will cost from 150 to 5,000 dollars. There are also special passes for families. Prices range from $ 99 to $ 219, per person and include admission to several parties.

New year’s Celebration in Paris

If you are in Paris on the last night of December, you may want to go where a lot of locals do. And those are the Champs Elysees.

Here, the party starts at 9 pm, and while you arrive at the destination, you can enjoy French specialties and drinks, as well as the game, in many places.

The crowd is big here, so you should pay attention to that. What is especially interesting – alcohol is not allowed. If you want a little less crowds, join the parade, which, hand on heart, starts one hour after midnight.

You can also celebrate in Montmartre, in the Sacré-Coeur, where it is less crowded, but also cheerful. There are many bars, cabaret and clubs here.

Of course, you can also choose some of the restaurants of famous French cuisine, but be sure to pay attention to the dress code.

The “Night life” style dressing, which includes jeans or a more relaxed edition, is strictly forbidden here. However, that will not be an obstacle for you in one of the many clubs.

And what does Belgrade offer for New year’s eve?

Side by side with these metropolises, it can become our capital. Especially when it comes to Paris. When the New Year is mentioned, Belgrade is certainly one of the associations.

From the welcome party on the square, while the one by the river, as well as in many cafes, clubs, restaurants, hotels. In fact, wherever you look back on December 31st, you will see a party. In private apartments, on the streets, on every corner. Therefore, if you are going to Serbia, and you still have no idea where to go – why not stay in the capital or visit it, if you do not live there? is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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