Useful Tips for Perfectly Washed and Organized Laundry

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In this article, read about some useful tips for perfectly washed and organized laundry. Washing, spreading, grading, ironing, the list of obligations around the laundry seems to multiply. If every time you look at a laundry basket or a tub with crumpled clothes ready for ironing, you think “Is there an end to this?”, this is the text for you!

I have prepared a few useful tips and tricks that will forever change the way you organize washing and arranging clothes.

Set the appropriate washing program

It may seem like superfluous advice, but a properly set washing temperature is the main trick. Successfully washed laundry is the one without stains, which does not fade and is not damaged during machine washing.

You need to know which fabric behaves in cold, hot and hot water. Such delicate fabrics, delicate clothes prone to shrinkage, but also those in dark colors that tend to fade, are best washed in cold water.

Warm water should be used to wash moderately soiled and synthetic clothes, while hot water is used for towels and bedding, white cotton clothes and heavily soiled work clothes, especially those with grease or oil stains.

Washing machine basics

Modern washing machines have many more programs today than the first models. In addition to the standard washing machines at 30, 60 and 90 degrees, there are also specific programs of Bosch washing machines for silk washing machines, wool clothes, quilts, as well as pre-washing, additional rinsing, spinning, extra short washing and the like.

Choose the right detergent

Do you also buy laundry detergent at random? By the scent or the one your mother buys or, after all, the one that is the cheapest? How to choose the right detergent that suits your needs?

For starters, it’s important to know that the cheapest laundry detergent or liquid detergent may not always be the most economical option for your household. Powder detergents generally have a better price and are a solid choice for general loads.

However, when it comes to washing clothes in cold water, they do not always dissolve completely and correctly, so they can leave white marks on your clothes.

On the other hand, you will not have these problems with liquid detergents. They are also good for removing stains before you put clothes in the machine. A problem can arise if you do not dose them properly. Too much detergent will stay on the fabric, which in many people with more sensitive skin results in a weaker allergic reaction.

This should be especially taken into account when choosing a detergent for washing baby or children’s clothes. Adult detergent will definitely not suit baby’s delicate skin.

It is possible to use tablets or capsules that are accurately dosed for one wash. This is an easy and practical solution, there is no danger of overdosing, and no traces on the clothes. The only thing is that this is a more expensive variant compared to the other two.

Use less detergent

Too much detergent is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when washing clothes. Overdosing can create so much foam and prevent complete rinsing. Try to use half the recommended amount and check if you are satisfied with the results. Not only will your clothes look better, but you will also save money.

Successfully remove stains

Quick response is the key to successfully removing all types of stains! As soon as you can, wash the soiled area, soak the clothes in cold water and add a stain remover. If the stain does not disappear even after washing in the washing machine, repeat the procedure.

It is known that red wine stains are removed with white wine. If you have stained the blouse with a ballpoint pen, use milk to remove the stain, remove the varnish with acetone or a hydrogen stain from the blood.

Sort clothes in two baskets

Just when you thought you couldn’t get rid of a pile of dirty laundry in one basket, here’s an amazing trick. Use two baskets instead of one. Although it seems unnecessary and a bit silly, this practical tip will significantly save you time sorting clothes.

At the same time, you will save yourself from inconveniences such as a pile of white laundry in pink! When you put clothes for washing put colorful laundry in one basket, and white, cotton, towels and bedding in another basket, there is no danger that some red T-shirt will “stray” and color your bedding at 90 degrees, for example. Check which garments release color easily. Wet the cloth and rub with white paper. If the paper is colored, you may only wash the garment by hand.

If you have space in the bathroom or laundry room, be sure to bring another basket. The time savings that start with washing continue with spreading and then sorting clothes. Everything is much easier!

Not a fan of ironing? Then do not make it difficult for yourself by leaving the laundry to dry on the wire longer. When the laundry “dries”, it becomes resistant to the effects of heat, and even steam ironing cannot correct it.

White cotton clothes can stay in the dryer for up to three days, but the same is not recommended for colored artificial fabrics. If ironing is already necessary, iron clothes while they are wet. Spray water that has already dried well.

A few more tricks

Towels and terrycloth items will regain their original softness if you soak them in hot vinegar water before washing and leave them to stand overnight.

Also, shake them well before drying. This way all the fibers will rise and dry nicely in the wind. For soft laundry, add salt or vinegar to the detergent drawer during the last rinse. Bright white bedding and clothes will become if you pour a bag of baking powder into the laundry detergent.

With these few tips, clean, fragrant clothes without residual stains will no longer be an unattainable goal. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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