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In this article, you can read about some tips on how to use your extra free time. Well-known American author Phyllis McGinley said: “A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away”, which would translate into practical language: “a hobby on a day and a period of depression has been banished”. The correlation between quality leisure time and reduced stress, and thus the improvement of the quality of life, is evidenced today by scientific studies.

If you are looking for a hobby, you are in the right place! Below you can find ideas on how you can use your free time in a quality way. We have tried to give a wide range of suggestions such as sports activities, developing creative skills and other different courses for adults.

We hope that in the following text you will be able to find an idea of how to develop or maybe even discover some of your neglected talents!

Physical activity that does not represent fatigue!

We know, it sounds amazing! How many times have you heard, and maybe even thought to yourself, how you have to start training in order to preserve the tone of your muscles or improve your aesthetic appearance? Along with that, of course, comes the inevitable bad feeling that is tied to all those different life “musts”.

However, did you know that the World Health Organization recommends 150 minutes of physical activity a week and everything counts, from housework to walking from home to work or simply going up the stairs instead of the elevator every time you have the opportunity?

The benefits of physical activity are already widely known, and if you are interested in more active life, our advice is to use your prescribed 150 minutes a week by finding an activity you enjoy.

So, physical activity does not necessarily include a gym and exercises with the extra load, instead try another activity that you will potentially enjoy, such as yoga, rollerblading, or hiking!

So you can easily change your habits, the implementation of which in everyday life should not be particularly difficult. In that way, you will get rid of the feeling of “having to” and spend your free time on things that are good for your health in a completely natural way! This is great advice if you don’t want big changes in your life, but you would like to progress every day!

Creativity that does not wane with age

As a schoolboy, the teacher kept telling you to draw nicely? Do you always get unexpected applause at karaoke? Do you think that on vacation, your sand towers are eternally superior to the others you see on the beach? This is a good sign that you possess some of the creative hidden talents!

There is a lot of talk in positive psychology about the concept of flow, and you have certainly at least once been in a state of flow that is most often described as a feeling of complete commitment to what you are doing, a state of complete focus that is very difficult to disturb.

When you are in the process, you feel excluded from the outside world, alone with the subject of your work, and that is a kind of meditation that is very favorable for mental well-being.

We usually enter the course when we are focused on some work that we enjoy, so we advise you to consider some of the creative hobbies such as sculpting or painting, and if you want to try something completely new and unusual, you can consider soap making, decoupage, calligraphy, woodcarving or quilling.

Free time for fans of mental exercise

Are you a man who adores intellectual exchange and thought challenge? Do you believe that education is very important for the personal development of each individual? Here are suggestions on how to use your free time and at the same time exercise your brain.

Chess requires almost no expenses, and in addition to developing memory, attention, and strategic thinking, believe it or not, it can also be a great social catalyst!

Language courses are definitely the most popular way to use your free time, and it’s no coincidence!

Learning a language will help you not only in cognitive development but also socially and culturally. People who speak more languages ​​are more open to other cultures, have a more developed critical apparatus, and are better listeners! Of course, there are other practical benefits of knowing the language, and especially the most common language in the world, English.

Reading club – because it’s more fun in society! And not only is it more fun, but membership in the reading club will also make you finish a book you don’t like to the end, and maybe someone else’s insight into the joint discussions will make you reconsider your impressions of the book and make another favorite work possible!

I hope I have helped you at least a little in designing your perfectly spent free time. A time that is a combination of beautiful and useful and that will be a part of your life that you will look forward to again and again! is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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