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Ubuntu Touch OS is a new platform that should soon be found on a large number of smartphones and tablets. At an event called Mobile World Congress, the new operating system was presented to those present and the first reactions were very positive

As other mobile operating systems, such as Firefox OS and Tizen OS (backed by Samsung), should hit the market in parallel, it is clear that the competition will be good, but Ubuntu Touch OS is already rumored to be better than the other two mentioned.

Ubuntu Touch OS introduction

Ubuntu Touch OS was made by Canonical and is expected to officially appear in October. For now, there is no known list of hardware manufacturers who will “dare” to try Ubuntu Touch OS on new devices, but it is almost certain that it will not be Samsung and Google. The first is because of the mentioned Tizen OS, and the second is because of its Nexus line of devices, ie the Android platform.

Ubuntu Touch OS features and home screen

Ubuntu Touch OS will come in almost identical editions for both smartphones and tablets. This OS is characterized by a black line (bar) at the top of the screen on which the already standard data (battery status, time, signal strength, etc.) will be printed.

However, the search option will also find its place there, so instant search will be at your fingertips, regardless of whether you are using an application at that time or not. This is a very practical and well-drawn move.

The home screen in Ubuntu Touch OS will differ from the standard Android and iOS screens because instead of application shortcuts, it will contain some types of “categories” within which the application will be located, so it will appear: messages, music, videos, etc.

At the same time, the most frequently used items will appear on the home screen, so access to them will be much easier.

Interestingly, the appearance of menus, ie a series of applications, will follow only after certain finger movements across the screen. Let’s say you need to move your finger from left to right and the main menu will appear. Also, when you press the lower left side of the screen, a column of applications will appear on it. We are not sure if this is also a practical option, but there will be time to try Ubuntu Touch OS and see for yourself.

Ubuntu Touch OS applications

As with Android and iOS, Ubuntu Touch OS will be able to download applications. Needless to say, the length of the list and the quality of the applications are crucial in choosing the OS. What is commendable is certainly the fact that Ubuntu Touch OS “lies” on open HTML5 code, which should pave the way for the creation of a large number of applications. Some of the most famous already exist, such as those for Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote.

Ubuntu Touch OS conclusion

The Ubuntu Touch OS looks sleek and thoughtful and seems ready for market competition. Compared to Firefox OS and Tizen OS (which act as copies of Android), this platform can represent a potential rival to the largest mobile platforms. Who knows, maybe the first to be hit will be iOS, which has been sleeping in the shadow of Android for a long time and which is inevitably losing its original shine.

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