Top 5 Shakes that will Boost Your Immunity During Winter

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With winter came viruses and infections, so our immune system is exposed to great temptations. In order to preserve our health and strengthen our defense system, we need to take in a large number of vitamins. Shakes are a great way to get vitamins after stormy New Year’s Eve, and celebratory holidays full of gifts and good food. The excellent stuff offers the answer to which shake recipes boost immunity!

Immunity is very important because it fights viruses, infections, bacteria, and other microorganisms that attack our bodies. The stronger our immune system, the easier it will fight all diseases, and the faster it will recover.

It may sound unbelievable, but shakes can help you a lot on the way to strengthening your immune system. If you include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, your immunity will be much stronger.

Read which shakes will make your immunity unbreakable, and find out what the rules are for them.

For all the problems, we suggest that you use at least one frozen fruit, because that way you will get a nice, cool, refreshing taste of the shake.

1 New Year’s green banana smoothie

This shake is the ultimate booster of your immunity and the overall health of your body. If you add ginger to this shake, it will improve your health and provide the body with natural detoxification.

This shake is known as a natural substitute for ibuprufen , so next time, think carefully about whether you want a synthetic medicine, or a natural treasure.

How to make:
two cups of spinach
two cups of coconut milk
three bananas
peeled ginger
half a teaspoon of cinnamon
Blend the spinach, coconut milk until smooth. Add bananas, ginger, cinnamon and blend again.

If you haven’t used ginger before, start with smaller amounts, so that your body gets used to the taste. Ginger is great for colds and viruses because it speeds up the healing process and removes toxins from the body.

2 Purple elixir of health

This smoothie will surely lead you to heal, but we have to admit that the taste is not beautiful. The shake is made from purple cabbage, but if you add fruit to it, it tastes much better.

If you get sick, this shake will surely bring you back from the dead! Forget synthetic drugs, syrups, and tablets, because, with the help of this shake, you will feel much better.

How to make:
two cups of chopped cabbage
one cup of water
one peeled orange
one cup of blackberries
one banana
one teaspoon of calls extract
Blend the cabbage, water, and orange until smooth. Add blackberries, banana, and extract and blend again.

It would be best to find young purple cabbage because it has more vitamins than the one that is fully ripe.

3 Citrus smoothies to strengthen the body

If you catch a cold, you know that you need to take a lot of vitamin C in order for your immunity to be restored. This fruit also contains a large number of antioxidants, which are very important for the natural cleansing of the body, and the release of bacteria.

How to make:
two cups of green cabbage
one cup of water
two peeled oranges
two cups of chopped pineapple
a quarter of peeled beets
lemon juice
one tablespoon of linseed oil
Blend the cabbage, water, and oranges until they turn into one mixture. Add the pineapple, beets, lemon juice, linseed oil, and blend again.

4 Tropical smoothie for cold days

This smoothie is the most delicious booster of your immune system! However, that is not all. This shake is the perfect hangover cure. So, you get three in one, and taste, and immunity, and a cure for crazy nights after the New Year and strong celebrations.

A tropical smoothie keeps your body hydrated, and gives it the strength it lost in previous days. The pineapple contained in it is full of vitamin B6, which is very important for our body.

How to make:
two cups of fresh spinach
one cup of coconut oil
one peeled orange
two cups of chopped mango
one cup of chopped pineapple
green lemon juice, and two slices of lime
dip the cup frame in salt (optional)
Blend the spinach, coconut water, and orange until the mixture is smooth. Add the mango, pineapple, and lime, then blend again.

Serving in margarita glasses is recommended. Dip a glass in lemon juice, then place on the rim with, serve and enjoy.

5 Rosie smuts like a syrup from childhood

This shake is phenomenal for boosting immunity. In addition, we know that you gained some extra pounds during the holidays, so this smoothie will help you get rid of them. Detoxification of the organism is very important because our body is renewed in that way.

This smoothie is a beautiful pink color and is reminiscent of children’s syrups that we drank as children. It has a sweet structure and is light, very slightly creamy.

How to make:

one cup of water
one cup of strawberries
a third of a cup of beets
half a sliced ‚Äč‚Äčlemon
one big sweet apple
a little celery

Blend all the ingredients together until the mass becomes completely smooth and thin. If your smoothie is not sweet enough, you can also add honey, because it is natural sugar, and will not harm your body like industrial sugar.

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