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Do you remember the phone from the picture above? Ok, we understand that this is a rhetorical question, but for those who don’t guess, this is the legendary Nokia 1110 model. This phone does not differ in many ways from most similar Nokia models, except for one thing. The Nokia 1110 is the best selling phone of all time! Yes, yes this little Nokia is definitely the most favorite phone on the planet. Congratulations!

So, Nokia 1110, ie a phone with a minimum specification, was launched seven years ago and since then it has sold an incredible 250 million copies! Why has this modest phone attracted so many customers? Well, with its technical and technological characteristics, it is not certain, because for a phone that has an extremely simple, but still likable design, factory software, ordinary keyboard and melodies, and for the current conditions, almost hilarious 4 MB memory, it is clear that something else had to attract customers.

From our point of view, it seems that this simplicity is exactly what “made” a quarter of a billion users “choose this particular phone.” The Nokia 1110 is, hand on heart, phone for calls and text messages and this is what has been persistently attracting people since 2005 who just needed it. 96 × 68 pixel screen certainly not…

By the way, the Nokia 1110 owes its fame to the British newspaper “Daily Telegraph”, which made a list of the 20 best-selling phones. Interestingly, it is dominated by phones manufactured by Nokia, which took an incredible nine of the top ten places, which is just another confirmation at the expense of the Finnish company. It is interesting that the list currently includes the most desirable smartphone on the market – Samsung Galaxy S3, which took 18th place.

Here is what the complete list with the number of copies sold looks like:

  1. Nokia 1110 (250 million)
  2. Nokia 3210 (160 million)
  3. Nokia 1200 (150 million)
  4. Nokia 5230 (150 million)
  5. Nokia 3310 (136 million)
  6. Nokia 2600 (135 million)
  7. Motorola RAZR V3 (130 million)
  8. Nokia 1600 (130 million)
  9. Nokia 1208 (100 million)
  10. Nokia 6010 (75 million)
  11. Nokia 5130 (65 million)
  12. Apple iPhone 4S (60 million)
  13. Motorola C200 (60 million)
  14. Motorola StarTAC (60 million)
  15. Nokia 3100 (50 million)
  16. Nokia 6230 (50 million)
  17. Samsung Galaxy S2 (40 million)
  18. Samsung Galaxy S3 (40 million)
  19. Apple iPhone 3GS (35 million)
  20. Nokia 2650 (35 million)

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