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Kids today come into contact with smart devices at an early age. So small and curious, they learn to unlock them in an hour and find various things to click on. These are often known to be “Settings” options or deleting which what.

The best way to channel kids’ curiosity and research spirit are to install age-appropriate and age-appropriate apps on your phone or tablet. If they can learn something from those applications, then playing games doesn’t have to be bad at all.

Games for kids

We decided to explore the market of educational games for preschoolers. We came across games of different character and quality, and we have selected for you the ones we think are the best. Here are the Android games we can recommend:

  1. Fun learning for children – the reason why this game is in the first place is very simple: it is in Serbian. It was created by a local team from the company AppFreaks. The game is very simple – by clicking on an object, animal, letter, number, or color, children will hear the name of the object. Navigation in the game is simple, and your kids will love the interesting and colorful pictures. You can download the application from Google Play.
  2. Talking Tom, Gina & Co. – You must have heard of the game “Talking Tom”. For a couple of years now, this has been a complete hit among children and adults alike. Tom is a cat who repeats every word. Although it sounds banal, this game can be terribly fun.

    Children simply enjoy listening to their voices and having an imaginary conversation with the cat (or some other animal you have chosen). This is a great speaking exercise for your little ones who are learning to speak or love to talk.
  1. Learning English for Kids – when it comes to speech development, your kids can learn a foreign language with the help of smart devices. “Little Sponges” will surprise you with the speed and ease with which they master words and expressions in another language.

    That language is usually English, because it is very common, and you can find a similar application in any other language. Of course, this way of learning cannot replace systematic language acquisition, but it can be a great and very fun tool. This game is on this page.
  2. Kids Puzzle – this is a classic puzzle on a smart device. They are intended for the youngest (children up to 4 years) because they are very simple and easy to assemble. The number and size of puzzles vary, and colorful and interesting pictures will attract children’s attention.

    This application can be a great introduction to putting together real puzzles, and when combined, they develop fine motor skills and logic in your girls and boys. There are many “puzzle” applications on the market, so you choose the one that is most suitable for your children. We opted for this one because it is a great introduction to this type of game.
  3. Monster Numbers – and now a little math. This is an adventure mixed with simple math problems that must be solved in order to move to the next level. Believe it or not, kids just adore her. The main character is a cute squirrel whose spaceship has broken down on the planet of numbers and your task is to help her find all the necessary parts needed for repair. You can download the game here.
  1. Animal Farm – here is a good opportunity for children to learn more about farm work and running a rural household. It can especially benefit parents who do not often have the opportunity to take their children to the countryside.

    Although it was created in the USA, you will see that most jobs are done the same as in our country. Here the child can learn how to take care of animals, what jobs are done in the countryside, what is done in the fields, and what in the garden, etc. The boys are especially interested in jobs related to repairing and maintaining tractors.
  2. Trip to the Zoo – is your child crazy about the Zoo? This is a game where you can manage your own zoo. He can feed the animals, take care of them, entertain them. It’s all packaged in a simple interface, and the special charm of the game is given by the sounds that the animals emit. This game can be found at the following link, so feel free to view and install it.
  3. Tap the Frog – a frog who wants to turn into a prince jumping around and looking for his crown. This very popular game will help children develop fine motor skills, speed, and the ability to notice details. Besides, it’s very fun and addictive, so it will keep the kids’ attention. If it sounds interesting to you, you can look for the game online.
  4. Toca Kitchen – this is a game in which you are in the role of a cook. Choose when to prepare meals and get to work. Your guests are a boy, a girl, a cat, and a donkey. Each of them has a special taste and requirements that you must meet.

    Chop, mix, bake and cook together with your children or let them do it alone. They will learn more about food and the food preparation process and will see that it is not really fun when someone does not want to eat what you have prepared (such as broccoli, for example). The game is here, and the second part came out recently, so enjoy.
  5. Minion Rush– Do you remember the little yellow minions from the cartoon “Despicable Me”? They became the heroes of their own adventure and got their own game which is very popular. I have to say that this game is not educational in the classical sense, of course, it can develop motor skills, but it is terribly fun.

    What we have managed to learn here is to accept defeat. This is an “endless runner” game, which means that the levels don’t really have an end. You need to complete a certain task to go to the next level, and that task has three levels of execution (for example, you need to collect 250 bananas to pass the level, and 1000 to achieve the top score).

    Kids can pretty much report and become real champions in the game, but they have a lot of fun even when they fail at it. A minion usually crashes into an object while running or falling, and that looks very funny, so it doesn’t matter what you lost. The game is located at this link. Warning: it is highly contagious, even for parents.

This was our choice. I believe that you will find a game that will suit your little ones. We are also interested in which educational games do your children like? What is your favorite? Feel free to leave us your comment, we will be glad to hear your opinion and experience with educational games. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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