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In this article, I give you my best business phones list and buyer’s guide. You are increasingly focused on the job and the profession you have chosen requires you to always be up to date with developments in the industry. It is not a rare case that our business life takes a lot of time and requires more and more dedication. There is a way to make our job easier and get a device that will be our electronic assistant, of course, it is a suitable mobile phone optimized for business-oriented users.

What features should a business phone have? Which applications do business users use most often? And which phones do they buy? You will find out below.

Features of a business phone

When you are busy with work, you do not think much about the features that your phone should have to make your daily tasks easier. The phone is no longer just a device for making calls but has become much more than that. By choosing a phone with a set of features that are important to you, you can help yourself a lot and make your everyday life at work easier.

Some of the features that business users value the most are:

  • Speed ​​and reliability. It is very important that the operating system and applications installed on your phone run without downtime and errors because only in this way can you fully rely on your device.
  • Large display. You will often need to read and analyze emails, reports, and graphics on your phone, so a screen that makes it easier is definitely a good thing to have.
  • Long-lasting battery. Although smartphones are not known for long-lasting batteries, pay attention to this detail and provide yourself with a model with the longest possible battery that will be in operation throughout the working day.
  • Expandable memory. Sometimes you need to save more data on your device, so additional memory can serve well.
  • Two SIM cards. The option that allows you to use two cards in one phone is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the increase in the number of business users, because it allows you to use both your numbers on the same device where all data important to you is stored.

Think carefully about the features that are important to you and choose your new phone based on that.

Top business applications

Among the applications that business users use upwards are mainly those that encourage productivity and facilitate communication. This group includes applications for:

  1. Personal task and task organization, Wunderlist, Google Keep, or Todoist will help you write down and edit all your appointments.
  2. Calendar applications are always popular and many use them instead of task managers. A good choice is always the default apps your OS offers, and if you want something more we recommend trying Wave, Sunrise, or Cal.
  3. In addition to phone calls, email is still the most used for business communication. If the apps that came bundled with the operating system aren’t enough for your requirements, you can use some more advanced apps like the new Outlook (which is really great) or Mailbox (if you prefer minimalism).
  4. One of the most used sets of applications on mobile devices is the MS Office package. It now works great on all platforms and you can get it for free if you already use licensed Office products on your computer.
  1. File organizers are necessary if you are working with documents or images, so we recommend Astro File Manager or ES File Explorer. Both applications are very popular and meet the requirements of most users.

In addition to the listed applications, which can be used by everyone, there are many special tools. The specificity of your job will determine which specialized applications you will use.

If you are in sales you may need CRM, if you are working on projects there are project management applications, etc. Almost every industry today has its own set of tools that can help you, so feel free to look for ones that can serve you.

Best business class phones

The question remains “ Which phone to choose? ”. This phone should have all the features important for a business-oriented person, support the set of applications you want to use and of course, you like it. This is my recommendation for models that meet the following criteria:

  • HTC One M8: an extremely durable phone with great performance, with a metal case and a long-lasting battery. The speakers are very good, which can be extremely useful for video conferencing or for using the “speakerphone” option.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note S4: if you are a fan of phablets and big screens, then this is the phone for you. With a 5.7-inch display, you can enjoy the split-screen option and multitasking that Samsung offers. In addition, you can use a “pen” to write down your notes directly on the phone.
  • Nokia Lumia 1520: this is a Windows phone that allows you to take advantage of this platform, including synchronization with OneDrive and MS Office. Interesting interface design and lots of business-oriented applications contribute to Windows becoming a high-quality business platform for smartphones.
  • Blackberry Passport: Blacberry is a pioneer in the production of business-oriented phones and with this model, it is entering the race with new generations of considered devices. A high-quality QWERTY hardware keyboard, a durable battery, and a communication-focused interface will surely delight fans of this brand.
  • Samsung Galaxy S6: the inevitable newcomer is a logical choice – it is very fast, has a great display, and flawless design. In addition, it offers multitasking, split-screen, and S Finder (a file management application that will help you easily find documents and folders that you store on your phone).
  • iPhone 6 Plus: if you are a fan of Apple then this is the ultimate business phone for you. The battery lasts all day, even if you are an intensive user, the display is large enough (5.7 inches) that you can handle large documents, and the App Store is full of applications that can help you be more efficient and productive.

These are my recommendations and the final choice is up to you. Choose a phone that will help you do your job better and faster. Find the right electronic assistant for yourself! is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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