These 8 Habits are the Path to Lush Hair

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In this article, I show you how these 8 habits are the path to lush hair. Bad days with hair are not a joke, because they are not our imagination and they really happen. As many as 74% of women claim to have less self-confidence on those days when their hair is awful or at least they see it that way. When hair is in good condition, healthy, strong, and lush it undoubtedly looks better, is styled easier and you are less likely to have a bad day.

There are really a lot of challenges that need to be overcome with your hair: your ends are constantly dry, cracking, and blooming, then the hair is difficult to shape into the desired hairstyle. There is also dry hair, loose hair that hangs without liveliness, cracked hair that is easy to lose. And last but not least, excessive hair loss and poor hair growth.

In addition to all these challenges that you have to overcome with your hair, healthy lush hair is a real gem. Learn how to get it and save it. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to shiny lush hair that very, very rarely has a bad day. But if you take some time to strengthen and nurture your hair in the right way, you will see that it was worth the effort. Even more valuable, you will adopt and keep those good habits forever.

Small changes in your hair routine can make a big difference. Lush hair does not require much effort but great dedication. On the advice of famous Hollywood hairdressers who take care of women’s hair that we would like to look like, here are 8 habits or tips that you could adopt if you want your hair to always be lush.

1 Comb your hair before taking a shower

Whether your hair is straight or curly, you only need 60 seconds to untangle it. Wet hair is much more sensitive to damage, so always brush tangled areas before washing your hair. Later, after washing, it will be impossible to do it without damaging and breaking the hair.

An additional benefit is that by brushing dry hair, the natural sebum is evenly distributed from the roots all the way to the ends of the hair. No matter how much you think that fat is just a scourge that needs to be removed by shampooing, that sebum on your hair will protect them at least a little from the ingredients of the shampoo that dry and damage it, as well as from overheated water.

After washing your hair will be soft and ready for styling.

2 Careful with conditioner

Unless the hair is really long, a drop the size of a coin is quite a sufficient amount of conditioner for most hairstyles and every hair texture. Apply the conditioner first from the middle of the hair to the ends. Only after that, spread a little conditioner on the upper part of the hair, going towards the scalp.

It is important to make sure that you have hydrated your scalp as well. Leave the conditioner on for 1 minute even when you are in a hurry, then rinse.

You will often find a recommendation not to put conditioner on the first 2cm of hair up to the head. That the hair would not be inked and that the follicles would not be clogged and the like. If your hair is thin and weak or prone to oiling quickly, follow this advice. The conditioner from the root makes weak hair heavier and even more relaxed. Stronger, thick, and dry hair loves a conditioner from the roots.

The key is only in a thorough rinse when it is never enough. Thorough rinsing of both shampoo and conditioner will ensure that you do not leave any traces of chemicals on your hair and scalp that would cause damage there until the next hair wash.

3 Take time for a hair mask

Hair masks are more than a valuable tool on the way to lush hair. The environment in which we live, but also fashion and habits related to hair maintenance, damage it in many ways. Aggressive shampoos, hair dyes, bleaching, and hot stylers are not friends of hair. They damage the surface of the hair and dry out the hair.

The living environment in big cities includes daily exposure to exhaust gases, smog, as well as staying in closed overheated rooms. In order to keep your hair optimally hydrated, and thus more resistant to damage, a hydrating hair mask is desirable at least once a week.

Just as each person has their own specific needs, so a hair mask is chosen based on the specific needs of your hair type, but also the problems that need to be solved.

You can make a hair mask yourself from ingredients you already have in your home kitchen or you can buy a ready-made mask. When making masks, you should follow some basic rules about the action of certain ingredients. For example, an egg is a common ingredient in homemade hair masks. Egg white is for oily hair while egg yolk hydrates and repairs dry hair. Explore a bit, there are a handful of recipes for homemade masks available.

It’s easier to buy masks. Each of them indicates for which type and which hair problem they are intended. They are packed in large packages and will last you a long time. In addition, there are hair masks in bags for one use. They are suitable because you can test whether a certain mask suits you before you buy a large package.

After the mask, the hair is soft, silky, has a nicer shine, is nicely shaped and the hairstyle is more permanent.

4 Shampoo for lush hair

Hair shampoo has long since become much more than just a means of removing impurities from the hair and scalp. Shampoos are created for the needs of dry or oily hair, for curly or straight hair. Each preparation has some additional effect in the form of more intense shine, protection of color on colored hair, giving more volume, straightening hair, and the like.

Choosing the right shampoo also solves more serious problems such as dandruff. Anti-hair loss shampoo has been and remains the most sought after and there is almost no person who will not look for just such a product at some point.

The rule is to choose a hair shampoo according to your hair type and your specific needs, such as daily washing. However, one much more important criterion in choosing a shampoo can be the missing link on the way to lush hair, and that is the composition of the shampoo. If so far you have only paid attention to the brand name and additional effects of the shampoo, fragrance, or price, it is time to start carefully studying what it is made of.

After a long-term monopoly of a bunch of chemicals in cosmetic preparations, science has come to know about their harmfulness. Sulfates, which until recently were the basic ingredient in shampoos, soaps, and baths, are eliminated from hygienic preparations because they dry out the hair and skin and have a handful of other negative effects. Artificial preservatives, perfumes, and dyes are also released.

Natural hair shampoos do not contain sulfates and parabens, artificial fragrances, and other aggressive chemicals. Peru as well as those with abundant foam and a strong odor. They contain natural essential oils that nourish and heal hair and scalp. They contain numerous bioactive substances obtained from natural resources. They do not dry out or damage the hair. They accelerate hair growth, restore its volume, and prevent hair loss.

You can also choose natural shampoos according to the specific problem you want to solve. In general, natural shampoos are not as narrowly focused on just one type of hair and problem as conventional ones. Natural hair shampoo should be your starting point once you decide to fight for healthy lush hair that resists all the challenges of today’s lifestyle and fashion trends that do not go hand in hand.

5 Protect your hair from the sun

The vast majority of us forget the need to protect our hair from the sun. Unfortunately, hats and scarves have long been out of date and are the exception rather than the rule. However, hair, as well as skin, suffers from excessive sun exposure. UV rays penetrate deep into the hair structure and cause serious damage there. In the summer months, when you spend a lot of time outdoors and after the summer, the color fades, the hair becomes dry and easily brittle. The hairstyle is almost impossible to style.

There are sprays with SP factors that protect hair from high UV index. On the beach, you can also protect your hair by soaking it in ordinary olive oil, which has the effect of natural SPF. Hat, cap, scarf, are great protection. Make it a habit to wear them when you are in the sun longer.

6 Natural hair drying

Hair does not have a mechanism to show you pain when you overdo it by doing things that do not suit it.

At the same time, the structure of the hair is not by nature given to withstand daily exposure to heat.

Think of ways to style your hair that eliminate the heat of the hairdryer. Get curlers of different thicknesses, learn Argentine hair straightening, or just let it dry naturally if it is slightly wavy. At least occasionally hair should be allowed a break from the heat of the hairdryer. Then, when that is not possible, the hairdryer should be at least 20 cm away from the hair and set to a medium temperature.

Try drying your hair with a hair dryer set in cold air.

7 Say no to hot stylers

Only the hot hair straightener is worse than the heat of the hairdryer. Ironed hair is ultra-modern and ultra damaged. We would never iron wrinkles on the face. If you want lush hair, do not iron it. Sooner or later, you will realize that a haircut is the only solution for hair that has been burned by ironing, and you will be at the beginning of the story about lush hair again.

8 Careful with hair coloring

No matter how much you choose a mild natural dye, it dries and damages your hair. Do not change your hair color often. Once you have selected the desired shade, you will be able to paint only the growth in the future. Changing your mind about color means often applying color to the entire length. The hair becomes dry, brittle, and brittle. Consider natural ways to tint your hair.

The visible part of the hair is a tissue that is already dead. All the more so be gentle with your hair in as many ways as possible because its cells no longer have a way to regenerate naturally without your help. Nurture it generously and treat your hair carefully, both by choosing hair cosmetics and by not agreeing at all costs to the dictates of the current fashion, which is not in favor of lush hair. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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