Diesel or Gasoline – The Eternal Dilemma When Buying a Car

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It is not a small thing to decide to buy a car, and it is even more difficult, in the sea of ​​offers – to decide on one that will fulfill all our desires and make our everyday life easier. Desires and fantasies are one, and it is a completely different task to find the ideal four-wheeler at an affordable price.

If you already have a car to change, there are lots and services that will buy the vehicle from you, or exchange it for another car or parts. Certainly, it is a great way to start driving on a new four-wheeler without losses. You should know that the discussion on diesel or gasoline consumption is the same as the one in which IOS and Android users discuss, but read what awaits you if you choose one or the other.

Technologically, these two fuels require different things to achieve the same. Gasoline requires a finely dispersed mixture and a spark that starts the combustion process but does not withstand excessive pressure (compression). Diesel fuel needs just the opposite, i.e. a higher level of compression to ignite itself, without a spark.

Fuel consumption

When it comes to consumption, the unequivocal winner has always been and remains diesel, although a lot has changed in recent years. First of all, diesel used to consume cheap D2 and heating oil. Today, euro diesel is more expensive than unleaded, so the savings are somewhat smaller.

There is also a smaller difference in consumption because gasoline engines are becoming more economical, but there are still some two liters more on average, at least when it comes to engines with a similar workforce. An engine that consumes euro diesel is definitely a better option if you drive more than 25,000 kilometers a year. Then, with the current prices, you will save about 400 euros a year on fuel but also pay for more expensive maintenance.

All this under the condition that you keep the car for at least five years and that you avoid short city routes, which are disastrous for modern, diesel engines. If we have a petrol engine for a few years and cover fewer kilometers, in the end, it is more profitable than a diesel one.

If you need a simpler car for a city drive from home to work and back and possibly for a one-year trip to the sea or you are a beginner – do not hesitate to buy petrol and learn from it – it will serve you well later.

The feeling of driving

It is known that petrol engines require more work on the gearbox, as well as that every slightly stronger diesel engine does not feel uphill. The reason for this is the far higher torque, the same one that provides good intermediate acceleration and the ability to move out of place without adding gas.

Gasoline vehicles are usually more starting, reach higher speeds and the ride in them is more comfortable and simply glides on the roads, they have better performance. When we talk about the environmental side of the story, gasoline is usually less polluting than diesel, but with more modern vehicles the difference is getting smaller.

Like diesel, gasoline is associated with a health risk, whether in contact with the skin or by inhaling its inevitable gases. Some of the health risks are asthma and similar lung diseases.

New and used car

Those who decide to buy a used car, five years old and sell it after three years of use, but also drivers who want to buy a new car, will fare better financially if they buy a car with a gasoline engine than those who buy a car with a diesel engine. If you are going to drive below 20,000 kilometers a year – a better choice is a gasoline-powered car. If you know that you will cover over 30,000 kilometers – buy diesel.

However, whatever you choose, make sure that your acceleration to “hundred” is short. Buying a car is not always about consumption. That is why the blind insistence on only one type of engine is meaningless. Put the numbers on paper and look at the long term. Safety and comfort come first.

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