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Ah, those Android apps. There are so many of them on the PlayStore that you don’t even know what to choose. How to choose the best photo editing app? Is there anything better and faster than Skype? In this text, we will answer some of your questions. Introducing the most popular Android apps of all time.

Before you continue reading, keep in mind that the criteria by which we ranked these applications are the number of users, the number of installations on the Android device, the popularity, and the functionality of the application itself. From the sea of ​​these applications, find the ones that suit you.

Most popular “Do Not Disturb” application: NFC Task Launcher

Android devices are very practical and offer so many features. However, one of the best things about Android is that there are apps that will optimize your operating system a bit and customize it even more. One such is NFC Task Launcher, a free application. How would it be that as soon as you put the phone on the bedside table, emails stop arriving, the phone is in Silent Mode, the alarm is on, and the phone light is less bright? Ideal! This is exactly what you can expect from this most popular Android application of all time.

In this category, we must also mention… Shush! Ringer Restorer application, through which you can “schedule” how long Silent Mode will last on your phone. This is also free.

The most popular replacement for Skype: IMO free video calls and chat

Is there anything better than Skype? There is, definitely! This is imo. There are 4 main reasons why we love imo:

  • you can synchronize multiple
  • messages arrive quickly, – excellent video call quality,
  • it’s free.

We will only mention that the application has its own stickers and that you can easily share photos and videos, as well as have group video calls. If you don’t believe us and think that IMO deserves to be on the list of “the most popular Android applications of all time”, you can take a look at the reviews, within the Play Store, in which users state that IMO is a better application even than Viber.

In this category, we must also mention the … TEXT BLOCKER application, which protects you from unnecessary spam emails or SMS.

The most popular Andriod apps for book lovers: Kindle

You’ve probably heard of the small, Amazon device through which you read books electronically, and you feel like you’re holding a book in your hands. Amazon also has a Kindle app for Android. I have many reasons why the Kindle belongs to the list of the most popular Android applications of all time, such as the ability to read free books and the ability to purchase, the application has built-in Google, Wikipedia, and dictionary, and there is the ability to read part of the book before purchase. You won’t go wrong with the Kindle, that’s for sure.

In this category, we must also mention… Aldiko Book Reader, an application similar to the Kindle. Over 30 million users use it and, believe us, it is completely justified.

The most popular game for playing with a screen background: Pattern Wallpapers

This free app allows your creativity to surface. With over a million patterns in the Pattern Wallpapers app, you are sure to find something that suits you. If you don’t like offensive wallpapers, but just want to tidy up the “exterior” a bit, you will surely like Pattern Wallpapers. The most popular Android applications of all time always bring ease of use, with maximum functionality and reliability.

In this category, we must also mention… Embiggen. Thanks to this application, you will be able to see any, shorter, text remotely, and if necessary in the full-screen version.

The most popular application for a healthy life: Libra – Weight Manager

Libra is not an application that takes care of how healthy you are but rather monitors the condition of your body – the ratio of muscle and fat deposits. The app is great because it also tracks calorie intake, your body mass index (BMI), while simply entering data. Before all the data, you need to enter the goal you want to achieve. The big advantage of this most popular Android application of all time is that it can be synchronized with Withings push notifications.

In this category, we must also mention… JEFIT is an application for fitness enthusiasts and is an ideal replacement for your personal trainer.

Most popular music app: doubleTwist

doubleTwist is an application that plays audio content and podcasts. Using this application, you can easily categorize the type of content you will play, but also sync files with music files on your computer.

In this category, we must also mention… Shazam, a free application that easily identifies the song in question. If you are interested in which song you heard, click on Shazam.

The most popular Android photo editing apps: Instagram and Camera360

When it comes to photos, we couldn’t choose just one. Instagram, not only is a social medium but is also great for processing photos. You can do this kind of processing in just a few steps. On the other hand, the free Camera360 app gives many more options and affects your camera. You will be able to add stickers, text, as well as various effects to the photo. Everything you need to make your selfie perfect! What more can you expect from the most popular Android app of all time?

In this category, we must also mention… VSCO, an application that is ideal for processing details in a photo, such as saturation, temperature, brightness, and the like.

The most popular application for increasing productivity: Evernote

Evernote is known as a free application that increases productivity. How? By allowing you to create tasks that you should perform and define the priorities of each task. An additional benefit is that you can search for tasks by tags and synchronize with other devices, e.g. computer. With Evernote, you will easily remember what and when you should do. We shouldn’t have expected anything less from this, the most popular Android application of all time.

In this category, we must also mention… Out of Milk, an application that will help you with grocery shopping. No way to forget something!

Most popular security application: KeePass

KeePass is undoubtedly one of the best security managers. For each part of the phone that is protected by a password, the application sets the codes in groups. KeePass also allows you to remember in which applications you logged in and what you searched for. The biggest advantage of this most popular Android application – all in one place.

In this category, we must also mention… SeekDroid, an application that allows you to find the exact location of your device or tablet. Note that SeekDroid costs $ 4.99.

Most popular browser: Dolphin Browser

If you thought Google Chrome would get this title, you were sorely mistaken. Dolphin Browser deservedly wins first place. In addition to enabling fast search, Dolphin also has Incognito Mode, the ability to search by voice, as well as a high degree of security. Its reliability is what has won us over.

In this category, we must also mention… Pocket, an application that gives you the ability to save news and articles that you would like to read afterward.


Going over this list of the most popular Android applications of all time, it seems to us that we have made a good choice. What is crucial with all these applications is that they are reliable and have hundreds of thousands or even millions of satisfied users. We hope you like them too! is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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