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As a person whose job is related to the world of mobile telecommunications devices, of course, I often have the opportunity (and duty) to surf the Internet and be informed about all market developments related to mobile devices. In the previous period, one model has been an indispensable topic of all relevant websites dealing with this sphere of technical devices, and I could not resist being interested in a model that raised so much “dust” with its appearance on the market. Sony Xperia Miro, is a high-performance phone (as it was rated by world forums). I took this device in my hands, and decided to have a little “fun” with it, and here is our more detailed analysis..


“Sony Xperia Miro is the best mid-range Android device,” reads a comment from one of the users of this model. We absolutely agree with this statement. After a period of constant “bombardment” of the market with more expensive high-end devices, Sony has fulfilled its promise to customers around the world, and decided to cover part of the market, but also the appetites of users who do not want or cannot pay large sums for high-end mobile phones. , but still “long” for a quality and affordable Android device. The result of the work of this Japanese company is fantastic, and the fruit of their efforts is the Sony Xperia Miro, a phone with excellent performance.

Design and dimensions

The Sony Xperia Miro is the “picture and opportunity” of what a solid mid-range device should look like. The design itself does not bring anything spectacular and will not knock you off your feet (in terms of big surprises), but the quality of workmanship is evidently high, and in the hand, this phone gives a feeling of compactness (does not creak or whine). The manufacturer Sony has offered users this model in black, white-silver, pink, and white gold, and we can say that the color spectrum in which this model can be found is satisfied. The device is made of plastic, with a metal casing on the front of the phone, while the back cover is made entirely of plastic that is not shiny and excessively polished, and this detail provides the user of this model with a good fit in the hand without slipping the phone. dimension, which due to this design) is simple and comfortable and with one hand. The dimensions of this model are 113 x 59.4 x 9.9mm, which makes it less telephone and you can put it in your pocket without excessive effort and “physical exhibitions”, and its weight of 110 grams gives a feeling of “fullness” and the already mentioned compactness.

Below the display are 3 touch-sensitive buttons, on the side is a volume up button (a little thin on the first impression), on the top of the device is a lock button. This model is also equipped with signal LED lights that inform you about a missed call, Facebook message, or the need to charge the battery, and we find this detail in this model as extremely useful and practical. The back cover “housed” the camera and flash, which are elegantly immersed in the construction of the model and in this way additionally protected.


The display of this model is an LED Backlit LCD display that is touch-sensitive and measures the size of 3.5 Inches. The display size itself is satisfactory, but the 320 × 480 pixels (with 165 PPI pixel density) must suffer a bit of criticism because reading smaller text can be a challenge for older, visually impaired users. What is commendable about Xperia Miro’s display is the quality of its colors, excellent contrast, and high viewing angles, as well as solid behavior in strong sunlight.

Interface and functionality

Sony Xperia Miro is a high-performance phone, and this is not just a phrase. We can thank the Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system with which this model works. Sony deserves all the praise for this choice as well, because it “improved” this model, and gave it high user functionality. The user interface is represented by the well-known Timescape, which focuses on easy and simple access to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and chronologically presents your new events from these social networks. This model comes factory-made with 5 possible home screen views that can be further customized with various widgets, your image galleries or videos are (again) chronologically arranged with the ability to geotagging marking the places where they were made.
The Xperia Miro is also rich in a number of handy apps such as a power-saving mode that when activated, automatically shuts down a number of active apps, and reduces display brightness thus extending battery life. Also, this model uses an application that suggests interesting applications to download, as well as a “Smart Connect App” that activates certain applications when activated. For example, starting the music player when you plug the headset into your phone or activating the alarm clock when you connect the phone to the charger before bed.

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Sony Xperia Miro ST23i White

Processor and memory

The Sony Xperia Miro runs an 800 MHz Snapdragon processor with Adreno 200 graphics. This “assembly” proved to be quite good, and at no point did we experience braking or choking the device when handling or running and using applications. On the contrary, the Sony Xperia Miro is a high-performance phone and would be characterized as a fast and efficient mobile device. Game fans will also be satisfied with this model because Miro “endures” and copes solidly with more demanding 3D games. This model has 512MB of RAM and we warmly recommend buying additional memory because of the 4GB system, only 768MB is free for applications while about 2GB is for storing music or pictures.


When it comes to supported connection types, this model has Wi-Fi and 3G (it also supports GPS navigation). Web browsing is a pleasant experience thanks to Google Chrome and ICS browsers. This model has support for YouTube files, Zoom-ing web content is solid and we can say that the Xperia Miro is a high-performance phone when it comes to connections.


In the end, we left a detail that cannot be ignored today with any mobile phone, yes, it is a camera. The camera is a part of this model that left the biggest impression on us with its performance. It turned out that his 5MP camera with autofocus is capable of taking images that no user can be ashamed of. The color balance in the images taken with this camera is excellent, and the richness of detail in the images is exceptional. The only complaint when it comes to the camera refers to the slightly slower autofocus, ie the time it takes for the camera to focus the image is not instantaneous, but it is certainly about the limits of tolerability. The video didn’t particularly fascinate us, but when you consider the class and, after all, the price of this model, we really can’t be dissatisfied.


When we look at this model as a whole and take into account its price (because after all, this is a very important aspect when choosing a device), we come to the conclusion that the Sony Xperia Miro is truly an exceptional device, that Sony is again proved to have a keen ear for the needs of the market, and finally, that users recognized the excellent value for money. We are convinced of the satisfaction of the users of this model because the great attention and numerous praises of users around the world have proved to be justified from our experience. What are your experiences and opinions related to this model? is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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