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With smartphones getting more and more megapixels day by day, Samsung has decided to change tactics a bit when it comes to cameras on mobile devices. Samsung has decided to launch the Galaxy Camera EK-GC100. It’s a classic digital camera with a 16-megapixel optical zoom!

To keep the Galaxy camera from completely separating from smartphones from the same manufacturer, there’s also the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system and an amazing quad-core 1.4 GHz processor. This means that this camera will not only be a powerful device for editing photos, but also a device with the ability to download photo applications from the Google Play store.

This is not the end of the innovations for the Galaxy camera, because this device will also have options such as Gmail, Google Chrome browser, and much more, which brings it closer to smartphones.

As for the camera itself, it is equipped with special sensors that enable great photos in low light, which is logical because this is a special camera. Samsung’s Smart Pro software is responsible for the best possible appearance of each photo captured with the help of the Galaxy camera, which will “try” to make each photo as good as possible in every situation.

The Galaxy camera will also record HD videos with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second. There’s also the Movie Wizard, which will allow users to create movies directly from the camera using a 4.77-inch touchscreen. All photos are placed in automatically created folders, and there is a possibility of putting them on social networks, like other Galaxy devices.

The Galaxy camera comes with 8GB of internal memory and the option for a MicroSD card up to a maximum of 64GB, and will also have Wi-Fi and a 3G connection. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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