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The Galaxy Gear is the first smart Android wristwatch that Samsung unveiled in Berlin a few days ago. As the first in the family, the Samsung Galaxy Gear attracted a lot of attention and various comments, which were expected considering that it is a new type of device, which threatens to become a part of our everyday life. However, the Samsung Galaxy Gear is not so lonely in the market, because even before it, the great Sony showed its trump card in this field. This is the SmartWatch 2 – Sony’s smartwatch.

SmartWatch 2 purposes and options

Like the watch from Samsung, this Sony child is a rather interesting device. Until we get used to them, we will surely wonder what their primary purpose is. So, are these two smartwatches primarily watches or some kind of smartphones. The answer is both. Ok, they are called watches and it is clear that they show what time it is, but it would be naive to expect big technology giants to get involved in the production of ordinary watches.

Therefore, SmartWatch 2 works on the Android platform and provides the possibility of a wireless connection with your phone, so you almost don’t have to take it out of your pocket anymore. This is especially important for users who have phones or phablets with large diagonals.

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Sony Smartwatch 2 Black

As with the phone, everything here revolves around applications and personalization. SmartWatch 2 is suitable for customization, so this watch easily turns into a phone, camera, or navigation device. All this is made possible thanks to the NFC connection, which quickly and efficiently solves the problem of lack of cables. Is it necessary to point out that SmartWatch 2 is resistant to both water and dust?!

SmartWatch 2 as a fashion detail

In addition to providing a number of different options, which can make our daily lives much easier, SmartWatch 2 is also a fashion detail. Sony hasn’t skimped on its looks, so it looks like the watch will be a suitable detail for any occasion. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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