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Sony Ericsson w20 Zylo is a phone that exudes a retro character (evil tongues would say it is old-fashioned) and awakens some old, somewhat forgotten emotions towards the Sony Ericsson brand that once offered almost, as a rule, new options and technologies in their phones that we have been waiting for. The Sony Ericsson w20 Zylo has been on the market long enough to impress the target group. Now, what is the target group? There may be more, but it’s best to judge for yourself if this is the phone for you after seeing what it has to offer.

The Sony Ericsson w20 Zylo bears the Walkman label and based on that it is clear to you what its primary purpose is (apart from yelling and texting). So, this slider is intended for listening to music. It should be said right away that the Sony Ericsson w20 Zylo uses its own headphones (which come bundled with the phone) instead of the standard 3.5mm ones.

Also, when it comes to listening to music, it is clear that a good connection to a computer and memory is something you can’t do without. Sony Ericsson w20 Zylo, unfortunately, does not have a standard USB port (the existing one uses a charger and a headset) so the user cannot count on easily switching the “zike” from the computer to the phone.

However, there is a slightly more painful variant with a microSD card (the largest supported total memory is 16 GB), so this disadvantage can still be overcome. The internal memory is 260 MB.

The Sony Ericsson w20 Zylo has an MP3 player that plays music adequately. And that’s the most important thing, because the software, in general, isn’t exactly the pride of this phone, nor is Sony Ericsson likely. Namely, the browser is not the best, but it is a commendable option that allows you to easily find out the details about the author and the lyrics of the song you are listening to.

This is not the end when it comes to music, because the Sony Ericsson w20 Zylo also has a built-in FM radio, so if you get bored of recorded songs, you can easily switch to your favorite radio station. The Sony Ericsson w20 Zylo is also equipped with a Bluetooth connection, so you can also use wireless headphones, which is no small thing for people who can’t do without music.

The Sony Ericsson w20 Zylo also has a lot of widgets on the home screen intended for social networks, so you can follow this part of the social life with the help of this interesting phone. The problem with using social applications can be the absence of a QWERTY keyboard because the classic alphanumeric one knows how to slow things down a bit when it comes to longer typing but for some only such a keyboard suits.

We have already said that surfing is not exactly the priority of this phone, and this can be said especially because there is no WiFi connection, so all internet traffic will have to go via 3G. The Sony Ericsson w20 Zylo also lags behind in terms of GPS, so navigation is not waiting for you here.

So, if you do not long for the latest generation phone and the slider type of phone is not foreign to you, the Sony Ericsson w20 Zylo may be your choice. The problem may be the lack of a USB connection, which if you can’t forgive, you should look at another model, for example, the Sony Ericsson W995, which is better and more than twice as expensive. Conclusion: if you do not want to give a lot of money for a phone that connects you with friends and allows you to enjoy your favorite music, then the Sony Ericsson w20 Zylo is a good choice. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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