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The Nokia C3 is the first thought for many when it comes to the best low budget phone. It is difficult for us to list any more serious objections that would refute such an attitude.

The Nokia C3 has powerful features, and the best thing about this phone is the price. Because it is not easy to find phones that can match the Nokia C3 in terms of price, and offer the same or similar features. So, the Nokia C3 is a fairly simple but valuable phone and by that, it is certainly lonely in the sea of ​​phone offerings in which we all swim every day.

Nokia C3 design

Nokia C3 keeps its good reputation starting with the case, which is largely made of aluminum, which is not typical of budget models. It is usually considered that metal as a cover is reserved for better and more expensive models, but Nokia does not seem to think so. In addition to offering a better visual impression, the aluminum on the Nokia C3 also gives a good grip feel, but also better protection against falls.

In addition, when you add the fact that the Nokia C3 is produced in several colors, it is clear that the design certainly gives weight to this phone. In general, the combination of metal and plastic in various colors with a standard QWERTY keyboard gives this phone a good business flair, which many young Japs (who don’t have enough money for a BlackBerry or iPhone) would like to show off in front of their surroundings.

If you don’t have a lot of money at your disposal and you like business phones, the Nokia C3 is the right solution.

The Nokia C3 has a QWERTY keyboard for fast text input.

The Nokia C3 is not a small phone and with its dimensions of 115.5 x 58.1 x 13.6 mm it is a medium-sized phone, but considering that it has a QWERTY keyboard, it is clear that the Nokia C3 is a compact phone. Only the Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro managed to pack a touch screen and a physical QWERTY keyboard in small dimensions, but still as a slider, which is another proof that the Nokia C3 is quite a solid phone.

The screen, which is quite solidly resistant to scratches and minor damage, has a pretty good resolution (for this segment of the phone) of 320 x 240 pixels. Ok, that’s not enough to try a variety of multimedia on it, but on a 2.4-inch surface, users will have a completely satisfactory image quality (when it comes to typing messages, e-mails, using social networks and surfing the net).

Speaking of this TFT screen, let’s just say that the angles at which you can normally look at the screen are quite large and that’s another pleasant surprise when it comes to the Nokia C3.

So, Nokia C3 is the first QWERTY messenger powered by the Series 40 platform, which is still considered the most widespread mobile platform in the world and is the answer, ie an alternative to the BlackBerry type of phone.

The Nokia C3 is a phone that will do all the set tasks without emptying your pocket. The Nokia C3 has a 2-megapixel camera, which will be enough as a “first aid” in cases when the camera is forgotten, but also a device that can be used to shorten leisure and enjoy your favorite music with the help of FM radio. A warm recommendation for the likable Nokia C3. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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