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Prague is a favorite city for many tourists. Anyone who has been to Prague once will want to come back again because here everyone can find a way to feel the spirit of this city. At any time to visit Prague, you will not remain indifferent to it. In the winter, it exudes fairytales, because of the buildings that adorn it.

If you haven’t been to Prague yet, it’s time to do so. Very affordable arrangements can be found, and if you avoid holidays and prime time for travel, you can get a lot for a little money spent. And some of the sights of Prague that you should not miss, we have just prepared for you.

It is best that the first meeting with Prague is, in a way, general sightseeing of the city and a long walk that would include some of the most important buildings and places in the Czech capital.

Prague Castle Hradčany

Hradčany is the name for the part of Prague where the famous Prague Castle was built in the 9th century. This city district is located on a hill, on the left bank of the Vltava.

Before entering this magnificent complex, you have to pass a security check, which can be a little tiring, especially if you run into a crowd that includes several tourist groups. Don’t forget to remove everything from the bags and backpacks that can make the sensors sound and ensure that they do not allow you to enter the complex. Entrance to the complex itself is free, but the entrance to individual buildings within it is paid.

The complexes of Prague Castle are the Cathedral of St. Vitus and the Cathedral, as well as the Monastery of St. George, which you must visit.

Charles Bridge – the heart of Prague

Charles Bridge, named after King Charles IV who built it in the 14th century. About half a kilometer long, with three Gothic towers, thirty baroque statues, street musicians, painters, various vendors and a crowd of tourists, this bridge over the Vltava is incredibly lively and noisy.

Get ready for a long walk over it if you want to carefully observe all the interesting things that are on it. The Old and New Towns can be further than you think when you first cross the pedestrian zone of the bridge.

Unfortunately, many statues on the bridge made by some of the most famous Czech sculptors have been moved to the museum and replaced with replicas.

Legend has it. . .
There are many legends that follow this bridge for centuries and are transmitted both among the inhabitants of Prague and among tourists. One of them is the following: whoever kisses under the big arch of the bridge will stay together forever. Then be careful who you kiss in this place.

Astronomical clock

Between Charles Bridge and the Astronomical Clock, there is a struggle over which of these two is a trademark of Prague. The astronomical clock, which has been located within the Old Town Hall since the 15th century, ie the Astronomical Tower, attracts crowds and crowds of tourists waiting for the hands to mark the full clock.

Above the clock, the 12 figures of the apostles change when the clock is full, and everything is accompanied by sound effects. All 12 figures can be seen at noon. It is the figure of Death that measures time.

In addition to showing the hours, the astronomical clock also shows the calendar, the zodiac constellation, the relative positions of the Sun and Moon, and the main planet.

The astronomical clock was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, but it was still preserved with great effort and effort.

City library with optical illusion

The City Library of Prague has something to offer on Marian Square. It is an “endless tunnel of books” that you can see here. Thanks to the optical illusion and the game with mirrors, an attractive tunnel of books have been made in the city library, which when you look at it, you don’t know where it ends and where it begins.

Admission is free, so we definitely recommend that you take a walk through their library, and find the books and classics that are on the shelves of this infinitely interesting library.

Kafka Museum

The Kafka Museum is located to the right of Charles Bridge, on the Mala Strana, and is not difficult to find. At first glance, it may confuse you that it does not look like an ordinary museum, but more like a small house that does not seem like a serious cultural institution.

Also in front of the museum is an unusual sculpture by David Cerny, a Czech artist who has a very bizarre style. He is also the author of Kafka’s moving head, which was a real hit on the Internet after it was posted. If you want to see it too, it is located in front of the shopping center in New Town Prague.

They managed to evoke the atmosphere that reigns in Kafka’s works such as narrowness, discomfort, darkness. The sound effects that accompany you as you move around the museum aim to create just such a special experience.

In the museum, you can also see the administrative work that Kafka did, the notes he kept, the letters he sent, etc. There are also the first editions of some of his works, but also little-known drawings that he did.

An interesting part of the exhibition is the one about Kafka’s love life, and a small part of the exhibition is dedicated to every woman who marked Kafka’s life.

Fly Museum

The Muhin Museum is located in Panska Street almost in the heart of Prague. It already has a more conventional look, unlike the Kafka Museum. In it, you can see some of the most important Muha lithographs such as “Zodiac”, “Gizmonda”, “Medea”, etc.

Thanks to photographs, letters, objects from the private collection, but also works of art, visitors can get acquainted with what is crucial for Muha’s creation. A half-hour documentary about his life is part of the exhibition.

The shop within the museum has incredibly interesting and original items on offer, but as in the Kafka Museum, they are very expensive. You can also find similar or the same items at more affordable prices in the surrounding shops and bookstores.

If you want to experience it in the right way and see the sights of Prague that you should not miss, then forget about shopping and rushing for clothes. Also, instead, try the gourmet specialties for which the Czech Republic is famous and enjoy top-quality beer.

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