How to Choose a Restaurant on the Go

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In this article, I give you a few tips on how to choose a restaurant on the go. It is safe to say for each of us, when we go on a trip, one of the most important things is food and where we will try that local food. The first priority is certainly the quality of the restaurant, and the second of course affordability. You will agree that it is not at all easy to find. From so many restaurants how to choose the right one. I will share with you some guidelines to help you choose a restaurant on your trip.

The first step is definitely to define what it means to eat in a good restaurant today. Most of you will first think about quality food and service, a pleasant ambience and prices that every average tourist can afford. However, the question arises, how do you know in an unknown city, where you are for the first time, that a restaurant meets all these criteria.

Restaurants with a prominent price list on the door

To decide what to eat in a restaurant, as well as how much that pleasure will cost, you will best see at restaurants that have a prominent price list on the door. Then you can know exactly what awaits you. Everything on the menu inside is in the shop window.

You will recognize whether the restaurant on the trip specializes in meat dishes, fish, some national cuisine and whether you have a place there based on prices.

This custom has not yet been fully adopted in our country, but in all tourist centers of Spain, this goes without saying. It’s not a shame to stand in front of the menu and the shop window for a few minutes and see for yourself whether you want to eat there or not.

Restaurants in the main streets are usually the most expensive

Such restaurants, because they are located in the busiest places, usually do not always have the highest quality offer, but that will not ruin their business because due to the large traffic, they do not have to fight for guests.

Don’t be fooled. They always count on a large tourist visit and play that card. They are aware that the first hungry and tired tourist will stop by because he is on his way, or because they want to be photographed for lunch, on the main square or on the main street. It is always much better to walk or take a few streets or even blocks away and try to look for something there, outside the very center of the tourist zone.

Avoid fast food restaurants if you want a healthy meal

McDonalds, Burger King, Subway are usually the most common choices of all of us, because they are the cheapest and are always available. However, if you are abroad, the point is to try foods that you cannot eat in your own country.

These megalans have now started to adapt their offer to the local population, but that will never be the case. The best time is when you try something new and interesting, especially when it is a traditional dish from some of the countries you have visited. In general, you try to try as varied a food as possible during your trip.

Locals usually work in good restaurants

This does not apply to national cuisine restaurants. And most importantly, local people eat there ! How to recognize them? Well, they don’t have maps, cameras, they don’t act like typical western tourists. You have probably recognized the trend that there are promoters in front of the restaurant who entice you to enter, or give you a special offer.

It is completely clear that they are competing for the visit of tourists and people who are not well enough acquainted with the offer. Reliable good restaurants have no need for that. People who work in a restaurant can turn to you when they see you in the aisle, but they are not promoted by promoters, most often immigrants, who will compete for the attention of passers-by.

Restaurant hygiene

Do you like the prices and the offer, the restaurant is solidly filled and it is mostly local? For now, this sounds good. However, before you decide to sit down, take a look around. Does it work clean? Is the floor neat or dusty? Are there stains on the tablecloths or are they clean? Does the restaurant seem to be carefully arranged or as if someone quickly “fixed” everything?

If anything seems suspicious, maybe this is not the right place for you. Namely, even the cheapest food in the world is not worth a rotten stomach or bacteria that you will fight for the next few months, and even worse, you will ruin your trip.

Crowds at a restaurant don’t mean a restaurant is good

Don’t be fooled that the restaurant isn’t full of people. Neighbors come to good restaurants, cafes and cafeterias for morning coffee. And there are always children!

Spain and Italy are known for having children in their restaurants, to hear some family stories, for people to sit and read newspapers. Also, that the music is carefully selected, and these are not really current hits, but some light ambient music or even better, a local radio station.

Lastly, the most important thing is to choose a restaurant that has the atmosphere that best suits your character and habits. A good restaurant is one in which you feel comfortable and relaxed, so it doesn’t matter if there are a lot of people in it or the atmosphere is of a calmer character.

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