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The new generation of Samsung’s Samsung Galaxy S8 top phones was officially unveiled a few days ago. Now that we know what the South Korean giant has prepared for us, it is the right time to present all the novelties of this beauty. We get to work right away, so read what’s new with the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.

New design of Samsung Galaxy S8 phone

The first thing you will notice when you see this phone is that it is terribly reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Edge series in general. The rounded screen that spills over the side edges has become mainstream and here it is on the main top device. This also means that the Edge series has been discontinued and that the experiment with the oval screen went well, so now all users of this model can enjoy its “superpowers”.

Another novelty is that the display itself is much larger, so now the entire surface of the front of the phone has been turned into a large screen of as much as 5.8 inches. The famous Samsung button for entering the phone menu is located in the screen itself, so you won’t even notice it when the device starts up.

The design innovations have really refreshed the Samsung Galaxy S8 and brought extra excitement to all fans of these phones. Although we can say that the previous Galaxy S models were very attractive, the Samsung Galaxy S8 can be called “the most beautiful in its family”.

Powerful camera and a dual-pixel sensor

The Samsung Galaxy S7 had a very good camera, some say even the best in 2016, so this newcomer just followed in the footsteps of its predecessor. The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone has 12 megapixels and a dual-pixel sensor in the camera itself, which means that this device no longer uses two cameras to take a picture and make one perfect with twice the pixel density, but now achieves the same effect with only one camera sensor. In addition, there is a ” multi-frame image ” option that will take three images for you and automatically select the one that is sharpest.

The front camera has also been improved so it now has 8 megapixels and a bunch of effects that will make your selfie photos interesting and very high quality. Since the options that allow you to make cats or bunnies out of yourself are very popular, Samsung has added exactly these animations to the software for its front camera, so now you can turn into an animal without Snapchat. We are sure that this effect will be a real hit among younger users of the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.

And what about the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone?

We have already mentioned that the screen is significantly enlarged and is as much as 5.8 inches. What we haven’t said is that the screen-making technology itself has been improved. It is an AMOLED capacitive display that has a resolution of as much as 2960 × 1440 pixels. It also allows HDR image display, so you can easily watch quality Netflix and Amazon applications on your Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.

In addition to these novelties, it should be mentioned that the colors are much more vivid on the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. If you thought your Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S7 have given a true color rendering and give you a great picture, wait to see the new guy in action. The colors are very vivid, but not oversaturated, so they manage to avoid the classic trap of exaggeration that often happens when the phone tries to show us a picture more beautiful than natural.

What drives the Samsung Galaxy S8?

Let’s now see what lies beneath the shiny glass surface of the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. It still remains a mystery whether there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or some other chip (say Exynos 8895 Octa) inside this device because the latest model of the famous chip manufacturer has not been officially presented yet. Samsung says that by mid-April, when the Samsung Galaxy S8 should be available in stores around the world, all devices will have the chip that was announced, ie Snapdragon 835.

The battery has been slightly improved and now has a power of 3000mAh. It remains to be seen whether this battery will be powerful enough to power a powerful hardware configuration and a huge display. What is certainly helpful is the news that this battery supports both fast charging and wireless charging.

The software that runs the entire machinery of the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone is Android 7 Nougat which has been upgraded with the latest version of Samsung’s Touch Wiz interface. The Touch Wiz itself has been changed, so now, in addition to the higher speed and stability of the system, there are also visual changes – all the icons are rounded so you will surely notice the difference.

Is there anything else we should know about the Samsung Galaxy S8?
There are a few more interesting innovations that the Samsung Galaxy S8 brings us:

  • Bugsby, the new virtual assistant. The club, which already includes Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana, was joined by Bugsby. Bugsby is still very young and has yet to undergo some childhood illnesses (read: not all functions work as they should) but he is an interesting addition to the club of virtual assistants. In addition to all the standard options offered by others (suggestions related to your daily habits, search, reminders), he can analyze the image and translate the text-based on it, read the QR code, tell you exactly where the image was taken if on it see some object and the like.
  • The fingerprint reader has been moved to the back and is located next to the camera.
  • The headphone jack is still here! Although the iPhone 7 dropped the headphone jack and caused sharp controversy in the world of mobile telephony, Samsung decided to leave them on the lower edge of the phone and allow us to use classic headphones for a while.

Our final judgment on the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone

Our final judgment is that this is a very powerful, attractive, modern, and beautiful phone. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is guaranteed to be one of the best in the top class of phones in 2017, so this is a model that is preparing to conquer the world. If you love Android and are a fan of Samsung devices, you will surely make a good decision if you opt for this model. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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