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It’s really lively at the IFA event in Berlin. Premieres on all sides. Among them are numerous new smartphones, tablets and similar devices, but one has definitely garnered the most attention. Samsung Galaxy Gear is a device that opens a new phase in the world of modern technologies. It is a “smart” wristwatch, which begins the life of a new product category.

Hand on heart, there are already dozens of advanced watches from various manufacturers on the market, but when the great Samung presents something, it simply has to resonate. However, on the other hand, announcements of similar devices are coming from Apple and Sony, so smart watches will soon be a real hit.

Samsung Galaxy Gear design

Based on the available information and photos, it seems to us that this watch is bigger than most others and that it is quite impressive (especially on smaller and thinner hands). On the other hand, it looks malnourished, that is, thin.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear has a screen with a resolution of 320 × 320 pixels on a diagonal of 1.63 inches, and it is commendable that the screen is in Super AMOLED technology. It seems sharp to us, which could not be said for the photos and colors on them.

Samsung Galaxy Gear also has a camera mounted on the bracelet, so it will be interesting to see the user how he uses this camera. The home button is positioned on the side, instead of the classic place below the screen, which is a good solution in the case of a smartwatch.

When it all adds up and subtracts, the Samsung Galaxy Gear doesn’t look bad. Hand on heart, this is the “first series” of devices, so many improvements can still be expected. This means that the objections, which already exist, Samsung can in a way accept with a calm heart.

Samsung Galaxy Gear options

This watch is by no means a replacement for a smartphone. It is a device that is in charge of, in a way, extending the arm of the phone, to which it is connected via Bluetooth. The main advantage of such their relationship is that you don’t have to reach for the phone often, but it is enough to look at the watch, press the appropriate keys a couple of times and that’s it.

As expected, this watch has options such as Memographer, which takes photos and videos directly from your wrist, as well as Pedometer, which will be adored by recreation lovers, because it does your physical activities and thus gives you useful information.

Samsung Galaxy Gear specification

If we say that the 800MHz processor and 512MB of RAM are insufficient, it means that superfast smartphones have simply spoiled us. Gear isn’t slow, but it doesn’t seem to react very quickly to touches, but as it’s a wristwatch, any further criticism would have to take that into account. As for the battery, it has a capacity of 315mAh, but it is still early to say how much it can realistically last.

Samsung Galaxy Gear price

Initial information suggests that the Samsung Galaxy Gear will cost in medium range. For our conditions, it is expensive in any case, but the question remains whether buyers from other countries will agree to pay for such a device as a completely solid smartphone. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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