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The Samsung Galaxy Core is a phone that comes in versions with one and two SIM cards. When we consider its price, we will see that it is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. So, the Samsung Galaxy Core is a member of some golden mean, so to speak. Such is the situation when it comes to the specification with which it comes. Let’s see what this Core has to offer.

Samsung Galaxy Core design, weight, and dimensions

Samsung’s “stubbornness” was also shown in this model. Perhaps it could be said that Samsung is just using a tried and tested formula, that it passes him by and that’s it. Anyway, this phone looks almost identical to a number of other Galaxy models. What can make it somewhat different from the others are the slightly rounded corners, which are not only visually, but also ergonomically acceptable. The Samsung Galaxy Core is made of glittery plastic, but it doesn’t slip much out of your hand and doesn’t leave a lot of prints on it, which is good anyway.

The phone has a classic “solid” home key with two capacitive. There are also classics for volume control and on and off. The first impression is that the keys are of good quality, easily accessible, and that, on the other hand, working on this phone is easy.

The Samsung Galaxy Core weighs 124 grams and with its dimensions of 129,3 x 67.6 x 9 mm does not represent a greater load for the pocket. The phone is made in white and dark blue colors.

Samsung Galaxy Core screen

The 4.3-inch diagonal extends a TFT screen with a resolution of 400 × 800 pixels. The pixel density is 217, which is an average, but quite sufficient value. It’s perfectly ok to view photos or videos, although the smaller text is a little harder to read. It is interesting and a bit strange that this screen does not have a light sensor, so the brightness of the image will not automatically adjust to the conditions of external lighting. An additional problem may be that the screen reflects a lot of sunlight, so the inscriptions on the screen are a little harder to see then.

Samsung Galaxy Core processor and performance

This phone seems to be subscribed to the middle class. With a dual-core Snapdragon S4 Play SoC processor at 1.2GHz, Adreno 203 graphics, and 1GB of RAM, the Samsung Galaxy Core does not reveal the luxury and power of more expensive models, but it does all the tasks correctly and on time. Another thing we didn’t like. The phone comes with 8GB of internal memory, a good part of which is occupied by the system, so feel free to plan to buy a MicroSD card with this model.

Samsung Galaxy Core software

The phone runs on 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Android. And here we can see the lag behind the leading models. There is, of course, an interface a la Samsung, with the proviso that in this case, the Koreans played a lot and changed it a lot from other versions. As expected, there is a lack of options from the most expensive models of this house, but for every compliment, there is a keyboard that enables easy and fast typing of text.

Samsung Galaxy Core camera

There are two cameras on the phone. The first and main one has 5MP, while the auxiliary one is in VGA resolution. The camera interface is ok, as are the taken photos. Don’t expect this camera to replace your camera, but it can be very useful in everyday use situations. And yes, you will have to get used to the late start of the camera, so if you want to photograph a specific moment, then prepare in time.

Samsung Galaxy Core dual SIM capabilities

This version works on two cards. What is very commendable about this model is that both cards are constantly active, so the Samsung Galaxy Core behaves like a 2 in 1 device.

Samsung Galaxy Core Conclusion

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy Core is an average yet acceptable Android phone. If you are thinking about this phone, you must always keep in mind its price. Our opinion is that for that money, the Samsung Galaxy Core offers fine options and quality. This phone is the best solution for people who need an Android phone with two cards at a reasonable price. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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