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The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 represents the second generation of what was once a big novelty on the market. Back then, it was a device with a fresh Android OS, which in many ways could match the smartphones of the time. The second generation has arrived. Again, the question is what kind of device is this, what is it able to do, and is it worth buying a Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 or a classic camera? If we take into account that Samsung has decided to leave the device without a SIM card, the answer will be somewhat clearer, because without access to the network there is no internet connection. The only way the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 communicates with other devices and networks is Wi-Fi. Is the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 a complete device or is it still wandering somewhere in between like the previous generation?

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 features

The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 is primarily a camera. With a 16MP sensor and 21x zoom, a small shift seems to have been made compared to the first generation. There is also a 4.8-inch HD screen, but also a new NFC connection, as well as 4.3 Android, which can be considered relatively new for this type of device. What you should know at the beginning is that this is not a high-performance camera. Classic cameras are still the winners in their field, and the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 cannot take away their fame.

The other thing is its price. With less than 400 euros (which costs at the beginning of May 2014), the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 must offer quite good results, because some semi-professional devices can be purchased for that money. For the same price, it is possible to find some cameras with better zoom, which is of great importance for fans of quality photos. Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 takes very good photos during the day. However, I have to repeat again, if you expect really good photos, skip this unusual device. This especially refers to larger photographs that often have a problem with noise, which is also expressed here. When it’s dark, the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 takes good photos. Definitely better than any smartphone. A good reason for that is the night mode, which does its job nicely.

When it comes to video recording, optical stabilization does its job well. When you move during shooting, the video usually loses quality, but the Galaxy Camera 2 handles that nicely. Similar to photos, the video has problems overcoming noise in low light. We also noticed another potential problem. The camera microphone is located next to the shutter button, so you may accidentally cover it or run your finger over it, causing it to rustle.

However, after a while (it doesn’t take much) you get used to it and start taking care of where you put your fingers. More video quality is available, with the option to pause recording.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 performance

Now, what does the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 offer that other devices don’t have? Well, multifunctionality for sure. If you want a good music player in addition to a solid zoom, you’re in the right place. However, if you are looking for a camera that responds very quickly to the shutter button, this device can be a little disappointing, especially if you use a flash that takes a few seconds to activate. While not overly slow, neither is Usain Bolt for sure. The cure can be burst mode, which can take several photos per second.

As for the machine itself, the device works smoothly and without stopping. With a quad-core processor at 1.6GHz and 2GB of RAM, applications open easily, and working with photos on the screen does not suffer at all. I have already said that this is a real multi-practitioner. This means that you can also use the Galaxy Camera 2 as a music player, web browser, etc. The only problem may be that only a Wi-Fi connection is possible… Via it or NFC, you can connect the camera to a computer or smartphone and thus easily transfer photos to them or post them on the net. You can also use this option to activate the self-timer on the camera or zoom, as well as to make changes to the settings.

Visually, the Galaxy Camera 2 makes some difference from the original, but still retains the original concept. Perhaps the biggest novelty is the flash that pops out of the case. The bottom and top edges are coated with a metallic sheen, while the front is upholstered in imitation leather, similar to the new Samsung smartphones. The background is reserved exclusively for the large screen of 1,280 × 720 pixels, which provides very good image quality and you can easily zoom, edit and view photos.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 Conclusion

Should you buy a Galaxy Camera 2? If its price is not an obstacle for you, why not. If you like fancy devices with really good performance, then this is a grateful choice. However, if you are primarily looking for quality photos, then still consider classic cameras, which may be more expensive, but also more efficient. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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