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Looking at the specification of this model, you will surely come to the conclusion that it is a device of average or characteristics for a shade weaker than that. The LG L70 (D320N) is one of the latest models in the lower price range, which really offers quite decent performance. If you need a decent Android phone without any dizzying requirements, then read what the LG L70 has to offer.

LG always offers affordable models, so the LG L70 is no exception. The difference of this compared to many past models is that the LG L70 offers some really good things and quite a decent specification that make it a model worth considering in the category of cheap Android phones.

LG L70 design

I think the consideration of what the LG L70 looks like should start from the back. It comes with a pronounced texture, which you would think has at least two functions. The first would probably prevent the phone from slipping out of your hands, and the second of an aesthetic nature. Probably neither of them fulfilled their original role. It may be silly to say, but if you want to solve both problems with one stroke, try a silicone mask for phones.

The good side of this phone is its compactness and lightness. With only 9.5mm in width, it is quite easy to hold, and the weight of only 126 grams contributes to that feeling. The LG L70 is not a beauty that will win you over at first sight, although it has a classic recipe for beautification – an edge with a metallic sheen. The LG L70 also comes in a white version, which seems a bit more modern, so if the classic is not in fashion, you can change the color.

If the background has failed a little, the front part certainly isn’t. The front of the phone looks nice. There is an ear speaker with a metallic finish above the screen, which gives a nice contrast to the black screen.

The volume control button and the power button are located on the sides. The keys look nice because they are made of metal, and they also have a higher quality.

LG L70 screen

The phone has a 4.5-inch screen in IPS LCD technology and quite decent viewing angles, which are not important to some, but it’s still worth mentioning. And while the screen size has the epithet of good, the resolution of 640 × 480 pixels is a completely different story. With this poor resolution, LG has saved on price.

This can be seen not only in the picture quality, but also in low light, so it is sometimes quite difficult to use the phone in direct daylight. However, the screen also has one good side. It often happens that cheap phones attract prints, but the LG L70 doesn’t think so.

LG L70 software

It is commendable that the LG L70 runs on 4.4.2 KitKat Android OS. So, the latest Android combined with the classic LG interface is here. The notification bar is quite rich and contains shortcuts to some pretty good options. The LG L70 also has an Easy Home Screen that displays only basic widgets.

The home screen is fairly simple and clear so there should be no problem using it. LG has also built into this model a well-known option called Knock Code, which comes from more expensive models, and is based on a replacement for classic codes.

That, however, is not the end. The LG L70 also has a Smart Screen option that automatically turns off the screen when you look away from it, as well as a Guest Mode that allows you to determine which content can be accessed by someone to whom you are temporarily giving the phone.

The LG L70 automatically detects when you turn on the headphones and activates the applications you would most often use with them (FM radio, music player, etc.).

LG L70 battery life

With a 2,100mAh battery, it’s nicely “tailored”. Keeping in mind that the big screen does not distract too much energy, you will easily spend the whole day. This refers to moderate use of the phone, which is based on a few calls, some moderate surfing the net, and some games.

If you want to use the full potential of the phone, the battery offers only half a day. The LG L70 also has a Power Save option, which will disconnect all connections and reduce screen brightness.

LG L70 camera

The phone has two cameras. The first and main one is the 5MP one with an LED flash on the back, while the auxiliary one is on the front in VGA resolution. If so far we have mostly praised the phone, now we have to break it. The reason for that is that phones in this range already have 8 and more MP.

For consolation, the camera has several good options, such as MultiPoint Focus, which helps focus several objects at once. There are also Panorama, Continous, and Sports modes, while the camera interface is very simple. The camera works satisfactorily fast. Focus and “capture” of colors also work for her. Also, photos in the dark are not bad either.

LG L70 specification and performance

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 is set to run at 1.2GHz and features two cores. There is Adreno 302 for performing graphics tasks. There is also 1GB of RAM. Let’s not forget, there is also KitKat Android, which helps everything to go better and faster than without it.

In practice, this means that you will rarely encounter a more serious downtime. Even games work ok (of course not the most demanding ones). Also, opening websites and multitasking work without problems.

The LG L70 has 4GB of internal memory, while the maximum amount with a microSD card is 32GB, but as the OS “eats” some memory, it is clear that the memory card is imperative.

LG L70 conclusion

All in all, the LG L70 is a pleasant surprise for this price range. For this money, we are used to looking at phones with more disadvantages than advantages, but with the LG L70, the situation is reversed. With a decent design, a great interface, the latest Android, and useful options taken from more expensive models, the LG L70 gives homework to competitors.

However, some things, such as low resolution, lack of memory, and the desire for a slightly better camera, remind us that this is a lower class phone after all. However, if you want to get as much as possible for your money, the LG L70 is one of the candidates for the title.

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