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Relax Gaming Team is here. Everyone is welcome to join. Read more below about who we are.

The world of gaming is huge, as the Universe of its own and as any Universe, it can be chaotic and overwhelming. This is the reason why I made Relax Gaming Team. This is the place where gamers can join to relax and meet other chill people. Just like your favorite bar where you can play ping-pong with local friends.

This team is made by mircic91 and primarily organized on the RelaX discord server. Here we have channels for different games and purposes. You can have a text or voice chat with other members and/or discuss anything on dedicated channels.

If you like games and want to connect with players from around the world then join the RelaX gaming team. Becoming a member of our Red-Black team is easy, just follow this invitation link or press discord button below and join anytime. Everyone is welcome!

Promoting a relaxed way of playing

There is nothing worse than playing a game you love the way you don’t want. It just sucks when you find the game you like but there are some achievements put in front of you that are hard or time-consuming or not fun etc.. Here on mircic91 we play games the way we like and we not care what level players are or how good at the game they are. Everyone can join us to just relax.

Games we play

It is our practice to focus on games that are easily available to most people, free, popular and cross-platform. If you want to see a full list of games we play check out this article.

Relax Gaming Team Pro

Currently, Relax Gaming Team doesn’t have an established Pro team but if you want you can join our regular team and we will work on helping you out become a Pro. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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