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Hey Kings and Queens, here’s a game just for you! :o) Joke aside, this game is not just for royalties, you and I can play it too. We will just pretend we are a king or queen while we play it as our in-game character needs to build a kingdom new lands.


The game starts when our King or Queen lands on a new land in a highly pixelated 2D world. This unknown world we explore using only three arrow keys (left, right and down).

At first, we get a lead on what to do when a ghost shows us a camp that we can start upgrading into the castle. This will be our base that we build and protect during the game. Because we cannot do all by ourselves we need to employ local residents of the land to do stuff for us. We give them tools and pay them with gold for their work. We then spend ages exploring, planning, building and protecting from monsters that are also becoming more aggressive.

As we explore more and more we realize that mission in Kingdom new lands is to survive and save enough people to be able to sail away from this land.

The game was made by Noio and released by Raw Fury Games.

I found it on Epic games launcher store and you can use “Play now” to get to the game on Epic games store.

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