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Designed just for people who know what they want from life, for young and old who want to enjoy the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches and tame the sea on luxury yachts – Porto Montenegro has brought a whole new definition of good fun in a charming fusion of unrestrained vacation at sea and luxury lifestyle. Read why Porto Montenegro sometimes has to be on your list.

Residential complex on 24 hectares

The luxury complex “Porto Montenegro” has sprung on an area of 24 land hectares, with an additional possession of an additional 65 hectares of the open sea around the marina. Residential complex Porta, for now, has 6 buildings that bear some of the most beautiful names from this area: Teuta, Zeta, Ozana, Milena, Tara, and Ksenija.

When it comes to Porto Montenegro apartments and luxury hotel accommodation complexes number more than 180 rooms and suites. All units, except for the possibility of renting, also have the possibility of buying or buying. Rooms are equipped with quality furniture, terraces overlooking the bay, air conditioning, internet, and some even have private bars and swimming pools.

Regent – the king and example of luxury hospitality

Hotel Regent is probably the most famous and luxurious hotel in this part of Europe and the Mediterranean. The Regent has 86 hotel rooms, two luxury penthouses with two swimming pools, a bar, and a garden within the restaurant. What made Regent stand out in the hearts of the guests was its spa center, and spaces for celebrations of extraordinary beauty and purpose, in which more than 100 ceremonies have been held since the opening.

The Village – the charm and luxury of a small town

“The Village” is a luxury complex created within the Tivat Riviera (7 km from Tivat). It is inspired by typical Montenegrin architecture – wide promenades, narrow cobbled streets that wind around buildings and lead to squares and beaches.

The traditional approach to architectural solutions is creatively combined with the dazzling features of luxury that you can enjoy at every turn, in any of the cafes or restaurants with stone facades or terracotta colors. They serve the excellent Mediterranean, local and international specialties.

“The Village” is a real treat for enjoying a luxurious lifestyle, and when it comes to culture, “The Village”, but not the whole of Porto, did not skimp on an entertainment program that entertains guests throughout the year, not just during the summer season.

Anyone who wants to get acquainted with the culture of the Montenegrin people can do so at carnivals (especially during the days of the carnival in Tivat) or in numerous bars dedicated to the colorful nightlife of the Balkans.

The largest marina in the Mediterranean

There are only a few marinas in the world, which can anchor luxury yachts up to 250 meters long, and one of them proudly represents the Porto Montenegro complex in Tivat.

The imposing port has the capacity to accommodate 850 yachts, of which as many as 311 are places for so-called super heights – making Porto the largest port for this purpose in the entire Mediterranean.

Another great advantage that set Porto’s marina apart from the competition is the advantage of dedicated maintenance of massive superyachts, as well as the Yachting Club, for all fans and owners of these luxury vehicles.

The level and quality of service were also recognized by the yacht port associations when in 2015 and 2017 they crowned the Montenegrin Porto with the award for the best port for large yachts in the whole world.

Idyllic landscape of canyons and open sea

How exactly did Tivat and Porto become the muse of solvent travelers? If you are not impressed enough by the facts about the size of the property and the luxury that is put to use by loyal visitors, you will be left breathless when you see the nature that surrounds Porto Montenegro.

The whole of Tivat, and then the luxury complex of “small town” lies in one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean – in the Bay of Kotor. UNESCO has published information on one of its websites about the beautiful, 100 meters long coast and one of the most beautiful canyons in the world, with a natural harbor that goes deep into the land from the sea.

Rough and steep mountain peaks rise above the coastal region, each of which leads to picturesque, medieval towns, which are dotted right on the shores.

It is extremely easy to reach Porto, by air in just a few hours from all major European cities, and it is 45 and 90 kilometers away from Dubrovnik and Podgorica, respectively. From the airport and other coastal cities, Port guests have at their disposal a water taxi to any destination.

It is bordered on the north by the Croatian archipelago, Corfu and the Ionian Islands in Greece on the south, while on the west it overlooks the east coast of Italy, so Porto is very suitable for plans to cruise to other destinations.

Picturesque beaches of the Bay of Kotor

As Boka is one of the most beautiful places in the world, it is quite logical to expect the Riviera and the beaches that look like painted. Thanks to the good connection of the coast, it is very easy to get from one beach to another in Boka, and every visit to one of them will be a kind of adventure to remember.

Stunning Blue Horizons

Probably the most famous and most visited beach in this region is the Blue Horizons, which surround Tivat. They are located inside a natural bay that makes the island of Lustica. They are surrounded by dense, pine forests, and rocky coves that are filled with crystal clear water.

Parents’ paradise on Dobreč

You can defeat the tropical and luxurious atmosphere on a small bay – Dobreč, near Herceg Novi, which is an ideal place to relax, if you are planning a tour of the entire Boka. The place known for its fish restaurants is full of children’s cries, which is why this is a particularly popular beach for families.

If we use the words that the famous Serbian writer, Miloš Crnjanski, used to describe a part of Montenegro, we will use those with whom he wanted to convey Boka: “The sea ​​is blue, immeasurable, changeable, and eternal like the sky. Boka is a miracle, and when the place is so beautiful – then it attracts selected people.

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