5 Reasons Why Belgrade’s Nightlife is the Best in Europe

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In this article, I give you 5 reasons why Belgrade’s nightlife is the best in Europe. The long and colorful history of Belgrade has given rise to many breathtaking things and corners for all its inhabitants and visitors. One of them is the famous Belgrade night life – a fascinating phenomenon like nowhere else in the world, every year it attracts an increasing number of foreigners who want a good night out.

However, we will find out in the following paragraphs how and with what Belgrade deserved the title of Mecca of nightlife, and what are the benefits and attractions that deserve the attention of so many tourists. Read on, and see for yourself the truth of all the claims.

1 Parties are held everywhere, regardless of the season

Although nowadays a large number of cities offer entertainment to their guests at all times, throughout the year, Belgrade is one of the few European cities where this scene is very carefully planned and nurtured. Not only parties but also entire festivals organized by Belgrade clubs are held and are equally attended in summer and winter.

Cult places, such as the Club of Technical Students, the Cultural Center “Grad” or the garden of the Student Cultural Center, where our parents (and theirs before them) used to go, still gather clientele eager for good gigs and quality, almost bohemian life.

There are no “favorite places” for parties. It is very difficult to decide on just one place that stands out with its offer, interior, or overall experience, which intoxicates night lovers. Belgrade’s cafes are known for their authentic bohemian soul, acoustic gigs, and good food, while rafts are a great choice if you are a fan of the RnB scene, turbo local music, electronics, or alternatives.

Even creative and fluttering places that close their doors during the winter months, as is the case with most Belgrade rafts, have formed their loyal audience. The team of summer lovers cannot wait for the first rays of the sun to enjoy light electric sounds and sweet summer cocktails on the river, which, for example, recognizes the raft Leto, as well as other rafts for which the Belgrade quays are famous.

2 Nightlife in Belgrade has a long tradition

You thought the first disco opened in New York? We are here to reassure you. Back in 1967, Belgrade got the first disco in the world, even 10 years before the New York “Studio 54” and the Paris “Palace”.

Our disco, “Kod Laza Šećera” then opened a wide door for entering the scene of the lively nightlife of the sixties: for jazz, for hits, and cult rock’n’roll bands.

3 Affordable prices and top service

Although some will say that the prices of drinks (or food) in places where the nightlife in Belgrade is known are still too high for the local population – foreigners are delighted with the difference in the offer of content in relation to the price.

The reason that foreigners are completely free and indulge in enjoyment is very low prices, because in their countries, in addition to higher incomes compared to ours, they also have a higher standard, and thus the prices are higher. That’s why they come to Belgrade – to spend “for all the money”.

The price-quality ratio does not only refer to tickets for a festival or party, or cheap beer, but also to the prices in cafes and restaurants, to the rental of hotel rooms and apartments, and even to the taxi transport itself – which is a mandatory factor of one exit. in Belgrade.

View from Kalemegdan to Usce is on featured image.

4 Belgraders are always ready for “action”

Although one would think that financial troubles will have a discouraging effect on Belgraders – you and foreigners are mistaken. One of the features of the Balkan mentality is to live for today, for this moment, which can also serve as a kind of motto for describing the nightlife in the capital.

When the present is stressful and the future is uncertain – where better to relax than at a coffee with a friend or at a party under the spotlight, where everyone radiates good energy. That is why Serbian cafes and clubs are full at any time of the day. That is why Belgrade is considered the focus of nightlife in the Balkans, but also in a good part of Europe.

5 The most beautiful girls dance in Belgrade clubs

As Serbian women appeared on the map of “the most beautiful women in the world”, many foreigners come to Belgrade to see for themselves, or to win one of those ladies over. One thing is for sure, it will be difficult for them to decide on one, and they will need a lot of good ideas to become interesting to some of them. However, some charming stranger is lucky and looks.

How is it possible that the people of Belgrade managed to turn the difficult economic situation into a magnet for foreign tourists, who want a good night out? No one manages to adequately answer this question, but it can be explained in the closest way, by the hospitable ‘soul’ of the Balkan people.

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