Philips UpBeat SHB2505 Wireless Earbuds Review

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Philips UpBeat SHB2505

This article is my quick review of Philips UpBeat SHB2505 wireless earbuds with specs included.

Listening to music on the go is one of the little pleasures we can afford every day. Going to work, school, to town, or doing some physical activity is all the more fun with your favorite music.

Also, if you need to have a conversation as you move, headphones are far more practical than holding your phone forever, especially if your hands are busy.

True Wireless headset

As in other spheres, the advancement of technology has allowed the headset to get some newer and more modern forms, so instead of the big headphones or the classic corded earphones, we now have a whole new category, the so-called True Wireless headphones.

What is characteristic of True Wireless headsets is the absence of any cables, as everything is integrated into the earphones themselves. This makes them visually impressive, but also significantly more practical to wear than the classic models.

One of the representatives of this category, namely the category of true wireless headsets, is the Philips UpBeat SHB2505. This device delivers high-quality audio, traditionally characteristic of Philips.

Features and design

Featuring 6mm diameter neodymium speakers, these headphones reproduce powerful and deep bass and sound with many details. As well as excellent external noise isolation with silicone extensions of various sizes, which also provide comfortable seating in the ear.

Thanks to its extremely lightweight construction and extra rubber extensions, these headsets are firmly in place in all conditions. Even with intense running activities, while giving you complete freedom of movement due to the absence of unnecessary cable.

The outside of both headsets is also for control. So, by tapping you can go to the next song, answer or end a call, or call a voice assistant on your phone to perform a function without taking your phone out of pocket.

Thanks to the clever function of isolating your voice through the microphone, integrated into both headsets, your interlocutors will always hear you clearly and loudly, even in the noisy environment of a city crowd.

Wireless technology

The great thing is that both headsets are completely independent, so you can use them simultaneously for stereo sound, but only one for calls, like the popular hands-free solution.

With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the headset pairs with the phone automatically after the initial pairing, so you don’t have to worry about it. In other words, the headset that is on your head will always work without any adjustment.

Battery and charger

Thanks to the built-in batteries, the headset will give you up to 3 hours of single-charge music listening. The practical carry case also serves as an extra battery that charges the headset while in it. This case is providing an additional 9 hours of operation. For a full charge of the headset, it will take about an hour and a half.

The Philips UpBeat SHB2505 offers such freedom and convenience that it’s time to consider retiring your old headphones and head for this stylish, high-quality sound solution.

Philips UpBeat SHB2505 on the Market

The Philips UpBeat SHB2505 is on the market in many retail stores as its is a popular ‘mainstream’device. The one that I refer to in this article I link to here:

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